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  1. lethalz3r0

    Bader Vs Forrest

    the way the lhw division is right now i believe each future fight is gonna rely on each current fight. what i mean by that is.. now that forrest won he has to wait until winner of rampage/silva for a contender spot. then bader should fight the loser of rampage/silva fight so in easier terms, winners face winner losers face losers in every tier of the division
  2. i saw it as very lucky too,not saying anderson would of or wouldnt of won anyway but i def thought it was gonna be more competitive. i really thought belfort had a good chance
  3. i kno me too, it popped back into my head a few minutes ago, no word on the internet so thought id post here see what other people knew
  4. as we all know the loser of the forrest/rich fight gets a tattoo,so anyone hear any word of what or when rich is getting?
  5. forrest won every round of the fight with rashad until rashad caught the kick
  6. he jus fought tito again in november and he won,i doubt hed wanna fight him again,not yet at least
  7. he didnt check them very well against rashad or against jardine,and even against wandy i dont think he did
  8. the ufc doesnt make the rules,they follow the rules sanctioned by each states athletic commission which means they would have to go back and get legalized allover again and most states wont agree with stomps,like someone said before the ufc is a sport not gladiators fighting to the death
  9. so who do you guys think forrest will fight next,the time line of his return from injury seems perfect for a fight with jon jones after his next fight coming up,or possibly a rematch with rampage?and i kno this seems a little out there and probably wont happen but it be cool too see but maybe another fight with bonnar?so what do you guys think?
  10. way to be retarded,i played ufc 2009 with that guy hes not rampage,hes black tho so u were almost right
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