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  1. Wolf1989

    Ronda is ****ed

    Makes me think of: <----- ME whose this
  2. DC is an OLYMPIC caliber athlete and he trains with the BEST HEAVYWEIGHT ON THE PLANET. If you know this and still doubt DC wins 10 out of 10 times then you're logic is ****ed The UFC is full of former Olympians; Rousey is the only one who holds a championship. The AKA is full of a lot of other fighters that also train with the best heavyweight on the planet; none of those guys are about to snatch Jones's title, either. Training with someone doesn't necessarily translate in being as good as the person you train with. YOUR logic is flawed; obviously flawed. Your language and outbursts are also indicative of a mind that doesn't draw conclusions accurately. How many of them are undefeated and have tossed all of there opponents for 5 other then Hendo Cummings and Big Foot he either KOd them or strangled them i don't Understand why people doubt the future champ DC
  3. DC is an OLYMPIC caliber athlete and he trains with the BEST HEAVYWEIGHT ON THE PLANET. If you know this and still doubt DC wins 10 out of 10 times then you're logic is ****ed
  4. The only fact that needs to be stated is BLACK FEDOR is coming for Jonesy girls belt
  5. Yeah, Jones is TOTALLY ducking a dude he already beat so he can take a potentially harder fight instead. he didn't call out DC till after he found out he was hurt hes a **** delaying the inevitable losing his belt to Gus or DC
  6. gsp would finish both of those cans Gsp and finish don't belong in the same sentence hahaha the only good thing he's ever finished was his career through fear of losing to Bigg Rigg again
  7. Jon Jones is a Princess! JDS got mauled by Cain and openly took a third fight. Hendo got mauled by DC and ill bet anything he'd take a rematch 100 times out of 100! Jon is like Gsp he has to really fight for once then he wants to quit or avoid tough opposition talk about a Chump Champ
  8. ^ i don't remember Bigfoot being thrown for 5 but Barnett definitely was a couple times. Which is insanely amazing. Just don't see Gus beating Cormier....I honestly don't see Jones beating Cormier either. His wrastling is just too skillful. Yea before Big Foot got KO'ed cold by DC he was thrown down. but he got back up, cormier can win a decision against barnett and big foot standing but not agaisnt jones and gus lol Gus would get rag dolled and outstruck by CormGOAT. Yeah lets hype that fight so another top contender can be removed. We'll know JJ needs padding till he gets a few more wins. And to be honest anyone defending the ducker has no ground to stand on, as you're backing a coward in the first place in JJ. What will happen is a Gus Vs DC fight which will equal lost respect for JJ and another ducking date for jj when Gus wins. So in short we may see JJ ducking Gus for years so he can become this legend that exists in his mind. Lets make a list of J.J.'s padded record: Shogun Ruah Rampage Jackson Rashad Evans Lyoto Machida Ryan Badder Stephen Bonnar Brandon Vera Vitor Belfort Chael Sonnen Alexander Gus Glover Texeria Your right Pakal son, very padded 8-| Holy GOAT ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! Did Jones really beat all those legends and elite fighters?!?!?!??!?!?! I believe he did. ok Shoguns body is past his prime not his heart but his body is shot. Rampage was past his prime. Lyoto, Vitor, and Cheal are MWs. A.Silva bodied Bonner and Jon well.................... couldn't. Badder and Vera are top 15s maybe 20s at best. Glover was untested and over hyped and still wasn't finished. so the only 2 guys worth talking about on that list are Rashad and Gus. Rashad could make 185 and Gus beat him like a mouthy hooker. oh and he actually DUCKED Chael the first time around!! Now he's ducking Gus too!! I personally think Jones is only calling out DC because he'll have to heal up for a couple months before he fights, overall sounds like a coward delaying losing his belt to me! DC will do to him what hes done to everyone hes ever faced at HW or LHW he'll make him look like a child trying to fight a man Gus in a rematch would most likely finish Jones
  9. gus by being better, he has great movement and footwork combined with good solid striking provided he doesnt stay still he wont be easy for cormier and hes a tall lanky guy so not as easy to drag to the mat as tiny hendo Big Foot Silva was thrown for 5. Josh Barnett was thrown for 5. Roy Nelson was thrown for 5.... etc etc etc. Gus will be thrown for 5. He KO'd Big Foot by the way Hunt wasn't able to do that so I'd say DC has pretty good power
  10. When Pettis wins the WW title we'll talk till then hes hurting
  12. Wolf1989

    MATT **** BROWN

    HEART FOR DAYS anyone hatin on MATT "THE BEAT A MOTHER ****ER WITH ANOTHER MOTHER ****ER" BROWN still has Gsps greasy scrotum on there chins
  13. It pains me to say this... but Jones would cremate Hunto. Straight up burn him to the ground and toss his ashes into the wind. your delusional friend Hunt has more power snapping his fingers then Jones does on a fully wound up punch
  14. Jon was ready to tuck his **** back and cluck when Mark looked at him. you could actually see Jones's vagina quiver looked like that glance from Mark almost KO'd him lol
  15. Jon was ready to tuck his **** back and cluck when Mark looked at him. better give him back the mic Jon wouldn't want Mark to hurt you
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