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  1. He said it at the post fight press conference and it was completely uncalled for imo. link http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2013/4/29/4282492/ufc-159-results-micheal-bisping-alan-belcher-way-out-eye-poke
  2. chael was robbed i demand a rematch
  3. wall n stall like a little ****
  4. DC had to wall n stall for the win ill take the moral victory
  5. i wouldnt be surprised if they use dodgy scales and gsp actually weighed in ar 190 thats a 20lb advantage rite there REMATCH IN CALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. every time i see a gsp interview i think why do i hate him he seems like such a nice guy but then i see his boring rassle safe jab and run fights and then **** like this comes up and i remember
  7. he is on roids he can weigh whatever he wants and that water he spits on himself has vaso in it gsp is the biggest cheater out but people look at diaz like the "bad guy" this sort of **** makes me wonder how far dana and canada will go to protect their cash cow
  8. nick would ruin gsp in a rematch gsp

    Done with Diaz

    y he spoke the truth gsp is a steroid abusing **** thats only way to beat him was to run or hold on for life on a side note gsp act like he is the only person to ever be bullied every one does a some point in their life get over it you ****
  10. i think everyone who watched that fight was a loser so think you should both have to do it
  11. so gsp hits like a **** and condit runs like one
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