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  1. Facts of the whole 151 event. 1. Hendo pulled out pretty late and forced everyone to make big decisions without much time to think at all. 2. UFC was going to give a middle weight a shot at the LHW title without having fought in LHW in what 10 years? So what the whole LHW div said no to a title shot and Dana was forced to ask a middle weight to step in? 3. UFC can't put together another fight even though they have basicly 90% of all top MMA figthers under contract. 4. UFC have had many other main card fighters pull out and still held the event before. 5. Jones turned down a fight he only have 3 days to prep for but should have a good chance of winning. 6. Sonnen started a twitter war with Jones well before Hendo said anything and happens to be ready to take on Jones as soon as Hendo dropped out. 7. Hendo and Sonnen used to train together. As far as I can see there are plenty of **** to go around and everyone is at fault to one degree or another. All of you blaming the whole thing on Jones are being fooled by the UFC pr machine.
  2. otan

    New fan

    Jones is fighting in the wrong weight class. He win because he is bigger than any one he fights by a huge amount. I mean it's good for him that he can make weight but to be honest if he wanted to fight a fair fight he needs to move up to heavy weight.
  3. F you, If you were in Jone's shoes and you just choked our a guy like Machida you'd be just the same if not worse. Show me any fighter who does get pumped and show off after a huge win. you are full of crap and you know it.
  4. lol the Evens and Wendy fights were close but not close enough to be called for him. The Hendo fight is a knock out and if he for 1 second think he beat Hamil he needs to check himself into a hospital asap.
  5. They were both too gased to finish the fight it wouldn't have mattered what shogun did he didn't have enough gas left to finish hendo even if hendo just laid still.
  6. yep that's all I can say, that was by far the greatest fight of all time . Correct call imo as well but I would not be upset it if was call a draw or for Shogun. But DAMN that was a ****ing awesome fight!!!!!!!
  7. really who cares? Nam has no business fighting in UFC in the first place. He is too old to get any better, ufc is making him put up or shut up. Fight a tough guy and win or get the AXE. At his skill level he would make a better living open a gym rather than fighting imo.
  8. Rampage better hope jones don't make weight. That is about the only way I see rampage wining this one.
  9. otan

    Fixed fights?

    I'm sure ufc fixed it so that Brock get subed in the first round by Mir ... lol
  10. I was thinking about that fight. It kind off occurred to me watching Clay throwing punches that's technically bad just to close the distance to get a take down. If a bad striker can learn just enough striking to close the distance for a take down then why can't a great striker learn enough wrestling to take the wrestler down? Two can play the same game. A good strikers should be able to use his superior striking to force the wrestler to back up, cover up lose his balance . This create the opening for the striker to go in with a shot, even a not so great one should land since the other guy is off balanced and not looking for it. Once on the ground the striker can just let the other guy stand up and repeat the same process again. Currently the strikers all learn to defend a take down and try to keep the fight standing and knock out the wrestler. I think in the future the striker should use the striking to setup take downs out pt the wrestler at his own game.
  11. lol really? Did you personally hear God tell you that ? Or did you read it in that book of yours? We are not qualified to debunk God but we sure are qualified to poke holes in your logic or the lack of. Seriously did you hear God tell you that's his book?
  12. lol Sonnen not only did drugs, he lied about doing drugs. He also was involved in shady real estate deals got caught , then lied about that as well. So now he is 2x screwed.
  13. wow I can't believe how many of you think Diaz can win. It would be ironic when Diaz is the first guy GSP finishes in 10 fights lol. I'll lay out the fight for you right now see GSP vs Penn. Same thing. Diaz is smaller and his BJJ isn't as good as Penn , GSP will take him down and just drop elbows till the ref stops the fight.
  14. Dude I never thought Fat boy had anything but a punchers chance in this one. But Mir is carrying too much weight. He was dead tired by the middle of second round. JDS would kill him. Carwin beat him once will again more or less the same way. He need to move down to 205.
  15. He proved that he is a very good punching bag. Aldo beat him up for 4 rounds and ran out of gas because he was dishing out punishment none stop. If that fight happened again Aldo just have to ease up a bit and easy 5 rd decision. Tire the other guy out by pretending to be a human punching bag is not a good way to beat one of the best fighters in the world imo.
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