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  1. It amazes me people think overeem is innocent. If he stays in the Ufc my guess he loses 25 lbs of muscle and follow the body compositions of pre Ufc lesnar and carwin after they joined the Ufc.
  2. I gotta admit Cruz is really looking like a straight up cool dude and Faber kinda a ****r. If his fights weren't so boring id probably be a fan.
  3. In his head he really thinks he can, and also deserves a title shot in the UFC because he's just that good.
  4. Ya, he pretty much is. I wanna see Brock drop him.
  5. Jake Shield is overrated and somehow lasted 5 rounds so diaz might do the same. Maybe gsp has lost his edge? To be fair though scratching your eye does make seeing real hard. Effect the other eye as well.
  6. And hide yo self cause they rape'n everybody out there!
  7. If it wasn't for you guys it would be extremely boring in here...
  8. Javier did have an awful fight. Going in and seeing how confident he was I was excited. Then he fought and I fell asleep. With Len I don't even know if he was really hurt. He's been kind of a drama queen since his fight. He yelled like a banshee when he went down. Was it that painful or was it a hey look at me, everyone?
  9. I think that Brock and his coaches do a good job. It's the fighters with the big ego's.
  10. He said he was there to do a job! Um No....You are there to "Get" a job! I'm sure he'll intimidate Brock next week and let him have it. I hope it doesn't get violent because Brock has a fight commin up and I don't want to see Len him hurt!
  11. Justin was the greatest pick and I wish they would have let him fight. Nice to see two guys finally let it all hang out and throw some punches.
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