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  1. No point in arguing with ignorant people. Whoever thinks Diaz really won that fight should do himself a favor and follow Diaz's steps - quit (watching) MMA. Nuff said Cheers
  2. Altho the real damage is actually behind Diaz's face....deep inside his skull Cheers
  3. Hmm, you're right. It wasn't a dog fight. It was just a good old one sided ***** smacking Cheers
  4. Butt hurt much, are we? lmao One thing is for sure: Nick "the mumbling r5tard quitter / taunter" Diaz certainly doesn't Cheers
  5. Simple_Jack

    Nick Diaz retires

    I am so glad that people with an opinion like yours are a huge minority within this community. It would really suck if most guys had no clue what this sport is all about. I dunno how to tell you but this ain't WWE Cheers
  6. It's 7am here so it might be that my eyes fool me but is OP serious? Are those 2 and a half other deluded guys who shared OP's opinion for real? HAHA First, let me answer a question that Diaz's boyfriend asked: "How did Condit win this fight....by running?" with another question: How do you think Diaz won it? By taunting and looking ugly and r3tarded as usual? Please don't embarrass yourself by asking such a question since it only shows how little you know about the sport and how incredibly biased you are. First of all, Condit outstruck Diaz in every round. Second, he wasn't just running away, he was being smart and tactical. Every time he got away, he managed to land a nice combination afterwards while Diaz was stalking him like a fool. Diaz did NOT have the solution for Condit's game plan which was perfect. What do you guys think he should have done? Stand in front of Diaz with his guard down screaming "come on, punk, hit me as hard as you can and i will prove that i can take everything you have" and actually do that? Dudes, you should be watching WWE or WWF whatever. Still, you are not crazy and i know for sure that even you don't believe Diaz won but were just a little butt hurt so you had to come up with something. But enough with that. What i really came here for is to ask everyone here a question: now isn't Diaz the sorest loser of all??? He loses (obviously and not controversially) a fight via decision and he QUITS????? HAHA! And he calls himself an athlete, a fighter, a champ? This has to be one of the most embarrassing moments on live television; the real translation of Diaz's mumbling would be: "uh.....doh.....uh.....i was outclassed, outsmarted, outstruck....basically i was schooled and owned and i have no guts or dignity to keep fighting. I was uh....not suppose to lose....uh....doh.....i don't need this sh1t.....". I mean, come on. That was just pathetic. And finally - i am soooooooooo glad he's not a part of this sport anymore )))) Nice job Condit. Cheers
  7. One of the most awesome kicks resulting in an instant KO in the UFC history. Pure awesomeness Even tho i cheered for Etim, gotta hand it to Barboza Cheers
  8. Tavares took round number one solely due to takedowns but he wasn't able to do ANYTHING. Second round pretty close, not much action on either side but third round was all Stout plus he did way more damage during the fight. Therefore, he deserved at least a split decision victory. Ridiculous judging for a hundredth time. Cheers
  9. I will try to be as unbiased as i can. I don't like Jones' personality but he's a great fighter and always has amusing fights. Crazy striking, wicked elbows, etc. Rampage is one of my favorite fighters of all time. With that said, he is a bit one dimensional, doesn't mix it up and rarely checks leg kicks. However, he has incredible boxing and even more incredible power in his strikes. I think that we won't see the same Jones that fought Bonnar or Hamil. I don't think Jones is stupid enough to try and get Bruce Lee on Rampage cuz then he would leave some openings that Page would definitely be able to capitalize on. Jones, if he's smart, will probably keep his distance, land A LOT of leg kicks and eventually try to take Page down and finish him there. Still, Jones is a bit young and Quinton is a veteran who has been through some really tough fights so experience factor has to be on Jackson's side. Strength wise, i also think Page has the advantage. So to sum it up: IF Rampage manages to close the distance and get into Jones' face, he has great chance to KO Jones. If Jones fights a smart fight from the outside and keeps destroying Rampage's legs and eventually throws some body shots, he has a good chance to win either via decision or if he manages to take Page down, possibly even via a TKO. I would LOVE to see Rampage destroy Jones and to see Jones out cold at the end of the fight but i think chances for that to happen are around 30%. Still, it's MMA, anything can happen (i know it sounds lame but it's true) and none of us know for sure how that fight is gonna go down. I just hope Jackson comes in prepared, healthy and motivated. If one of those elements are missing, his chances are quite slim. With all that said - WAR RAMPAGE!!!! Cheers
  10. I wouldn't have neither of those ) And i wasn't talking about life threatening situations. I perhaps should have used another word instead of word "dangerous" but i meant in terms of possibly injuring a fighter. I think it is more likely for a fighter to get seriously injured by a prolonged submission rather than a punch or two after you are already unconscious. I might be wrong but so far, none of the fighters got seriously injured after being hit in the head few times more (i mean, it's what they do for living and they all ate thousands of punches) while, in the other hand, plenty were injured by submissions. As for the Tropical thunder - yeah, that movie rocks ) Hence my nickname
  11. You are probably right. But honestly, i think everyone who doubts Forrest was fine, should just go back and watch the fight few more times like i did. I tried hard noticing if there was something different about Forrest and nothing was there. He looked totally fine to me. Cheers
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