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  1. Alright guys, I haven't been on in a long time because I got hired for that job I was interviewing for. I will be updating the rankings soon, possibly even tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Story Holloway Latifi Backstrom Cedenblad Musoke Siver Umalatov Jotko Taisumov Tukhugov MacDonald Assuncao Laprise Theodorou Taleb Gagnon Cruickshank Aubin-Mercer Felder Holohan Dwyer Munhoz
  3. First the Lions LB tears an ACL celebrating a sack. Now their TE sprains an ankle potty training his dog?? Nate Burleson broke his arm last season grabbing a falling pizza and crashing his car. Their players should just stop doing things. Like anything at all.
  4. iNOOB

    Mcgregor vs Zombie

    I wouldn't mind if they matched the two up. Hopefully they throw it on a Chicago card for early next year. But, I figure McGregor is probably trying to fight sooner than that.
  5. -Ares11 and Kristijan lead us on the Hunt vs Bigfoot card with scores of (9-2) Ozpride lead us on the random Asian cans card with a score of (11-1) -JChristian522 lead us on the UFC 178 card with a score of (10-1), I would have also, but I don't believe I got my picks in time so I am taking the extra loss for the first fight. JoeTheGiggolo missed all of the events and many in the past so I have removed him from the rankings. I am going to adjust the percentages tomorrow night and I will also determine who was this Quarters Champion.
  6. Why so mad? Kennedy is a straight D-bag and lost. Things are good in the world.
  7. P.s. its awesome that i can quote from my phone since my computer is jank.
  8. Don't hurt my feelings now. Sorry you like boring d bags for fighters
  9. So glad to see that ****r Kennedy get put away.
  10. I may be late on the gamburyan pick so it wont count
  11. Johnson Cerrone Mcgregor Romero Zingano Cruz Masvidal Thompson Howard Lee Gamburyan
  12. ESPN has it 3-1 Mayweather. But, what the hell does ESPN know about fighting.
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