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  1. Machida's style holds him back. He fights like a fencer which confuses people that don't know what they hell they're looking at. He's also been inconsistent. Machida has champion swagger, but not all the time. He looks like psychologically he bows to the will of a stronger willed opponent. This may not be true, but that could be a perception.
  2. So here's my questions to the NSAC: Do Cannabinoids have a greater effect on memory loss than repeated elbows, knees, forearms, shins, or fists to the front or side of the head? If yes, then training regimes must be regulated as well. Or am I being too extreme?
  3. Thanks for understanding. To an earlier point I think this generation is finally at a point where we can have the "move on" dicussion.
  4. If this isn't the clearest example of my point that people have racist feelings beneeath the surface of their righteous facades I don't know what else could be out there. Thanks for being gotten too bro.
  5. If Treyvon Martin was Trevor Martin and white (not black) he would have been offered a ride home, not chased down and shot. But whether you agree that the shooting was about race or not, what the story did was bring particular feelings about race to the surface for people that heard it.
  6. JBJ' style doesn't necessarily have a high likelyhood of finishing his fights in spectacular fashion and let's be honest; the kid is kind of socially awkward the way he carries himself. That's why his popularity isn't where I think certain people want it to be. I am unashamed to say that I am a fan regardless of who he beds, and any other sordid details. Put Chael's mouth and Jones' skill together and you have the greatest promoting tool of all time.
  7. It's a personal choice to acknowledge one's own heritage. You say it's stupid, I say it's disrepectful to the people that DID work for (it) in generations past to not acknowledge (it) in some prideful way.
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