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  1. Okay hear me out. This guy looks exactly like a camera with a censor symbol on it. I don't see how he can fight with no arms, legs or even a head. I also heard he is very 2 dimensional. Fck the UFC and these bull**** fighters.
  2. Usada should give him a lifetime ban for that alien disgusting belly button he has. Fcking mutant.
  3. All of these dumb dunces with terrorist managers have an excuse these days. Let's go Brandon!
  4. Sounds like a crock of shlt to me.
  5. I fast forwarded the main and it was still boring. Why are they sabotaging their own events like this? Surely every single piece of data shows that wmma fcking scks and should only be on the early prelims apart from maybe title fights.
  6. This thread really delivered. Well played everyone.
  7. Send him to a reservation to fight Paul Harris in a loser loses leg match.
  8. Cuckhold really living up to his name. Fcking bum.
  9. Not a bad post. Much better than any amount of GSP manlove threads.
  10. Might as well shltcan the entire show then.
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