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  1. Well I think this is great. UFC fighters should smack members of the public more often. Perry just gained a fan.
  2. Perry won the fight, gets to fck a pretty hot bat eater, and learned a new word at the presser. Pretty good day for him.
  3. Really nice thread. I read it all and digested it with gusto. Much appreciated.
  4. ****, missed this again. Would have gone Sato. I haven't seen the results yet so I don't know who won.
  5. No need for name calling m8. Calling someone a nitwit cuts deep, and those scars never heal. I might need grievance counselling.
  6. Dc is such a crumb. Probably sucked Dana off to get every possible advantage.
  7. Some nice tweets there. I approve.
  8. ****, I missed the alt pick. Would have gone James.
  9. I like it. Could go either way. I think Aleksei wtestlefcks him to victory.
  10. No one talking about what a racist piece of utter filth Joshua is? Fck that disgusting hypocrite cnt.
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