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  1. Fcken gold. God tier question. Got the rest of the crowd cheering lol
  2. All in please m8! Literally the best thing on this forum.
  3. Anyone vs Al Turk Anyone vs Lobov Anyone vs Punk
  4. Shlt, I was hoping for CM Punk
  5. Thinking about it, I'll be equally happy to see Ratlip or Lispy get smashed. Whichever fight happens. Lispy by Ratlip or Ratlip by big mouth
  6. I'm not his enemy. He barely even registers on my radar. Anyway, if you're taking up his character, you have to go to your local mosque glory hole and let every terrorist goat fcker root your ar$ehole a couple of thousand times, wear a JBJ tap out shirt, listen to the spice girls, self loathe, adopt the inability to produce working semen, be universally reviled by anyone he encounters, and duck more forum fights than anyone on here combined since it's inception. What a cnt. Anyway, what did he get bant for, m8?
  7. Picks in, thanks Decompoze. Chalk up another win. You're welcome, Rando
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