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  1. Mangay can do the butt rape v2 celebration after he puts Ratlip to sleep.
  2. And I fcking missed two events because of voodoo or some shlt.
  3. Oh fck and shlt! I thought I already put my picks in when they first went up.
  4. It's definitely possible Maia might do a Sonnen on Ratlip.
  5. Imagine if Lawler and blm cnt fought again? Five round draw with one strike thrown by each per round.
  6. Not a big fan of rat lip, but it would be fun to see widecan get melted again.
  7. When wickles says kids, he means his collection of sock puppets. Cause there ain't no way - A - he is old enough to produce semen B - any living female, no matter how blind/ fat/ ugly/ desperate/ mentally ill etc would ever let him penetrate her. Even the sock puppets hate him. Fcking loser.
  8. My first act is to ban wickles, obvs
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