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  1. So which champ will collect all the Infinity Defense Stones first?
  2. Maybe after that he can visit the Diego Sanchez School of CTE.
  3. FroZeN

    Nunes done with 145

    She hit it and quit it.
  4. There's reacts now? Bruh. It feels like I've been cryogenically Frozen and now I have been released in to a new world. What else has changed? Is trolling still allowed?
  5. I back. For Brazeal. For my country. For to fight. Frozen has returned.
  6. Poor Masvidal. If Thompson had him stanky legging and dropping it like it's hot, then a guy that should be at MW should be able to put his lights out.
  7. FroZeN

    Lil who?

    Johnson murdered an old man. Who is going to file the police report?
  8. This is what troll threads are now? I am ashamed to be a member of this forum.
  9. I'd play with you on 360 but I ran out of gold I am one of the GOATs of undisputed but I am retired WTG KO'd you with K1 Shields. bull**** I ****ed that can up KO'd him with Bob Sapp I KO'd you with 67 year old Roy Jones Jr in fight night the first time I played the game homie. You played with Duran and I threw that fight you retarded idiot I don't even know who that can is, you glass body can. Bro I rocked you, herb should of stopped the fight He would have but you have to punch to the bicep and have your thumb up.
  10. So I am assuming you all have the Juan? I still haven't decided what I want to get but I believe I want the Juan. Is PS4 that bad Carn?
  11. FroZeN

    Hunt vs Reem II?

    Hunt would literally knock Reems chin straight off his face. If he got knocked out by having the worlds slowest, sloppiest, most telegraphed front kicks spammed at him, what would he do with an iron chinned, K1 level striker?
  12. Carnages plays Xbox 360. He was not impressed with his PS4. Are you serious? I've been away from the forum for a little bit so I know I probably missed a lot.
  13. I think Hashad will take a decision. Not sure though, it is honestly a toss up.
  14. Dang man sounds rough. Congratulations on the birth and I hope everything turns out well with your son. You sound like you're doing a good job as best as you can.
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