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  1. People spamming this forum with too many threads are ruining this forum. Anyone have any idea for a top 5 thread?
  2. Going into this fight, Conor has more consecutive wins by knockout than Nate has in his career. That being said, Rousey
  3. Hahaha I just had to do a slip in comment because I haven't been on the forum since Sage or McGregor hit the scene
  4. He's 19, has a good family life, faith, amazing career, good looking. If anyone in this world should be positive, it's him. If a blonde, good-looking, fight wizard that's about to be a superstar can't be happy, I would be very concerned
  5. GSP/Weidman would be interesting...GSP at middleweight would be good, but I don't see him doing that
  6. soup threads are truly hilarious...i don't think there's anything more entertaining than soup threads & the responses they get
  7. sadly 2 out of 8 hours the problem today is when people work on the internet they could just fb and ufc forum all day i'm trying to improve though
  8. What up TUF! Mah mcmain UFC homie
  9. Vitor has recent 1st round finishes over an overweight Rumble and Rockhold. These were always huge wins, but I feel that the UFC should be hyping those wins even more now that Vitor/Weidman is close and those 2 guys have just proven themselves to be at an extremely elite level
  10. I kinda agree...Vitor winning via dynamic 1st round KO takes a lot of the invincibility heir out of Rockhold for me. I actually think Vitor/Rockhold is a closer fight anyways. Either way, MW has been a dynamic division for a while now, and glad they are finally gonna sort it out
  11. seeing as though Vitor beat Rockhold via a super kick, i'd go with vitor
  12. You have to wait for Weidman/Belfort winner I'd say because Belfort/Rockhold wouldn't interest me as much as Belfort/Jacare
  13. some good points brought up, HOWEVER Jacare was ranked the #1 MW and won his match even quicker Jacare/Weidman is a very intriguing matchup due to the insane ground talents of both
  14. this is up there for the worst card i've heard about i don't think i'd watch this card for free...never mind $50 i can't imagine what the buy rate for this would be
  15. cuz Jacare and Rockhold barely got a scratch today...also, you get one additional HUGE fight because Jacare/Rockhold is a fight I'd be very interested to see and is a genuine toss-up as to who would win
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