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    UFC 155 Salary Report

    Lauzon is underpaid. I wouldnt be satisfied with the pay whatsoever if i was him unless you did win a bonus every time
  2. bssite

    UFC 155 Salary Report

    Lol poor Todd Duffee. After all that contract disputing with the ufc they still pay him bottom of the barrel. I feel bad for him
  3. You have to have a certain level of arrogance to say something like that heat of the moment. Jones definitely has some self control issues
  4. Are you seriously too lazy to go watch it yourself. He said it and he was shaking his head while he did. That was it
  5. Gsp fights alot less dangerous fights than any of those guys you mentioned. He doesnt stand and swing he gets on top and takes minimal damage so his reign will last way longer for sure. And Condit is no scrub he's better than the Macdonalds,Ellenbergers, Hendricks. Wish people would start to realize he's not just another guy. He's definitely a level above the top contender pack i.mo. Gsp could lose...but it's not going to be to a guy he can ragdoll to the mat at any given moment. Diaz doesnt even put up a fight tdd wise I just don't see how he wins this fight
  6. JDS showed alot of heart though his face was completely destroyed. I dont see how any fan that didnt have a race war thing going on, or a complete mma noob who was just there because they got a free ticket could boo him. That was pretty classless. I could see if he made excuses but he didnt even have a chance to talk yet
  7. Lol his intentions were good but i can picture him beingh the tapout shirt wearing guy who eyeballs anyone that glances in his direction as if they are comparing manliness
  8. Your avatar annoys me, that's the only thing i've ever noticed about you to be honest. Run along now
  9. I wonder if the ufc had enough of his epic one liners.. How a numpty like him with no ability to think held that job for so long is beyond me. I didnt like Anik last night tbh. If Rogan wasnt talking i wasnt listening. They need to keep trying Anik just isnt entertaining enough
  10. JDS ****s need to stfu. I have huge respect for him but he got absolutely destroyed and mauled
  11. Its not **** talking to say im going to win decisively
  12. I like Cain but Junior has his number everywhere and to me it seems like Cain knows it and accepts it. His body language around Junior is not one of confidence and he hasnt said once " I will knock jds out, submit him, beat him up etc" jds tells him everyday he's going to sleep again. jds k.o early rd 2
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