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  1. I will try and hover more, but it's just having the time
  2. Waddup brutha My world is quite fun actually, just casually putting off work I should really be doing, but my mate Sam is fighting tonight for Cage Warriors fly weight world title, so I'm too excited to do any work hahaha Not a lot man, just casually getting by day to day, uni is a ball ache, but definitely fun! How's things guys!?
  3. 2x champion to be fair, won regional and British championships You alright pal!
  4. Nah mate, I'm at uni now doing architecture, manz got no time for scrapping anymore, currently sat with my sketchbook in front of me trying to find motivation to finish work, wanting to go back into the training side of things more and more though, as for actual competing? I'm finding a real hard reason to want to fight again, the build up is just a nightmare and can get stressful to the point I see no attraction to that lol
  5. Wha's happenin'? Been a long time
  6. In a sense yeah, I'm not afraid to admit that everytime I went into the cage, I clearly bottled it in the stand up lol, except for one fight, but that guy was awful and most people would whoop on him. My standup is my best area now and I'd still probably shoot lol He knows ^^
  7. Pretty sure I've had it since about 2015 lol
  8. It's a rough sport believe it or not lol Mate, why do you think I stopped? Lol It is a shame, but it's not to say it is forever in the dust, anything can happen I guess, but I'll never hit a world class level and I'm okay with that University for us, I've just finished a college course lol
  9. Pretty good buddy! Just finished my college course a few weeks back and waiting for confirmation on if I've passed and getting into uni! What about you?? Cheers bro! Feels nice not getting punched in the face daily I can indeed film my rock climbing adventures I was considered by many to be talented, but as you said, only an idiot would consider it for a career.I may have been talented, but I wasn't that talented. Going to study architecture at uni and make something of myself haha Cheers bro! Rock climbing is awesome!
  10. Yeah, don't have the time or love for it that I once had. Rock climbing has replaced it haha, and it's a constant challenge as well as more fun on a social aspect for me. Plus there's some hot birds who climb!
  11. Said me about 3 years ago, now my days consist of rock climbing and getting ready for uni. How is everyone? What do you guys get up to? Is life being good to you? Sorry I have been scarce. Will probably do the same again soon. Let's get catching up! And to those incoming ****ing torpedoes about to reign chaos over me for no reason at all, may you live great lives!
  12. Good thanks brother, Hopefully starting university in September! How about yourself? They aren't my concern, friend
  13. Is it considered leaving when I always return? Maybe I just take prolonged breaks friend!
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