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  1. From those fights there weren't many that were totally convincing.. but the two who looked amazing were Clayton Mckinney and Jamie Yager But especially Mckinney.. that dude looked unreal, well his striking was very evasive and he used counter punching very similar to how anderson silva does, ofcorse not on the same level but still was very impressive + his guard looked very agressive and he definately looked like he could pull submissions from his guard. hence why the dude let him up even though he was gettin picked apart on the feet. So therefore i tip Mckinney to win this season.. even though his haircut leaves alot to be questioned What do you guys think?
  2. i hope this fight is gonna be good.. but in my mind i might see it going like the thales leites fight.. i think andersons to evasive for maia to take him down.. but i think anderosn will try knock him out at all cost because he hasnt fought since ufc 101! and he'll wanna paw maia to sleep just like he did forrest lol
  3. it was always going to happen that way. hardy stood no chance
  4. Welterweight: The first point is that everyone has to understand is that GSP is just too good for every other welterweight. Dana White was saying that all Dan Hardy had to do was work on his take down defence and it would have been an "interesting fight". Does that mean BJ Penn has to work on his takedown defence too? NO-ONE can stop Gsp's takedowns at welterweight! I think if GSP stays at welterweight he will continue to be in boring fights, not because he's a boring fighter, but because he doesn't want to lose his belt and/or get knocked out, so he will just take everyoen down and stay active enough to not get stood up. I'd personally just like to see GSP challenge himself and move up to middleweight and maybe face a top contender like Vitor Belfort or Wanderlie Silva or someone that will be an exciting fight, and then if he wins fight Anderson Silva for the belt. I reakon that would be smart for Dana White to do and it would bring more fan to the UFC. Heavyweight: We need to see JDS vs Cain Velasquez and the winner get a shot at the winner of Carwin/Lesnar.. I can't see the heavyweight division going any other way. JDS vs Velasquez would be fight of the year in my eyes.
  5. lol i got 140th man.. i picked carwin ko win in the 3rd minute of the 1st round lol
  6. haha yeah man except the f'ing adds! they had like 6 adds in between fights, then they had 2 on each fighters entrance, and then 3 adds in between each round, in some cases missing out of 30 seconds of each round.. it sucked bro.. felt like i was watching kids eat mcdonalds more than a UFC event
  7. This would be my Dream Card MAIN CARD Georges St-Pierre Vs Gegard Mousasi Anderson Silva Vs Shogun Rua Brock Lesnar Vs Fedor Emelianenko BJ Penn Vs Shinya Aoki Lyoto Machida Vs Rampage Jackson PRELIMS Jon Jones Vs Forrest Griffin Damien Maia Vs Chael Sonnen Junior Dos Santos Vs Cain Velasquez Thiago Alves Vs Dan Hardy Nate Marquart Vs Dan Henderson
  8. he looks like a beast.. dunno if sylvia would be a great test for him.. as sylvias is on his way out.. after some training though pud would be a great new heavyweight for the ufc.. not like they need any more though lol
  9. wow i can't listen to BJ anymore.. i respect him for going up to WW but the thing is he will never beat George!.. BJ just needs to stay at lighweight where he belongs and shut his mouth lol
  10. Number 1 Anderson Silva Vs Jon Jones I would say Silva vs Lyoto but everyone knows that is not going to happen so Jones Silva would be a top fight i'd like to see.. Jones has shown un-orthodox striking that cannot be telegraphed as Silva does to every other person he faces which would in my opinion through him somewhat off his game, As he would not be able to pick Jones apart. Jones would also have an advantage in the clinch and be able to through Silva around.. All this being said Jones would have to convinsingly overcome Vera which I think will happen and Lyoto would have to beat Shogun for even a little glimmer of hope for this fight happening. PPV buys would be amazing for this fight though. Number 2 Brock Lesnar Vs Cain Velazquez Screw Mir, Carwin, Dos Santos, Gonzaga blah blah blah etc. Velazquez deserves a title shot. In my eyes he is the one that will give Brock the most trouble and in my thoughts beat Brock. World Class Wrestling, Amazing Cardio, Proven Crisp Striking and an incredible chin I believe he'd outgame Lesnar if he adapted a perfect game plan on the night. In my eyes this fight has to happen. But if not in the meanwhile have the winner of Dos Santos v Gonzaga take on Cain for a shot at the winner of Carwin/Mir Vs Brock. Either way im thinking we will see this fight by the end of this year. Cant Wait! Number 3 Wanderlie Silva Vs Vitor Belfort Wow this fight would be amazing. Two top class strikers both trying to cement their legacy. I don't know who would win, both coming of good wins of Franklin and Bisping but i believe this would be absolute fireworks. What would everyone else like to see?
  11. carwin for the win by late 1st rnd KO.. if Mir wants to become a champion, he has to start acting classy in and outside the ring and change his attitude
  12. thales leites vs sakara ufc 101.. WTF!?! lol most boring fight ive ever seen
  13. AussieMMAbra

    Dos Santos!!!!!!

    if he beat gonzaga convincingly, then he will make his statement.. but not as big of a statement as Velasquez.. velasquez has to be next in line u'd think after mir/carwin.. but hey i'm not joe silva
  14. Diaz should be good at welterweight.. i reakon throw him dustin hazelett.. would be a f***in good fight to watch as hazelett would probably outclass diaz on the ground and maybe diaz would have an advantage standing up... but seriously how can you not love the diaz brothers? skillfull and entertaining
  15. yeah i think this would be like the marquart fight.. silva would have to pound him out, not just "paw" him haha.. but i think it would be the same result wanderlies strikes are just to un orthodox, anderson would move away and counterstrike and technically pick him apart, just like leben, franklin ect. the only way wanderlie could beet silva is on the feet and yet i dont see a chance of that happening.. Wanderlie vs Vitor would be a hell of a fight though..
  16. this might have already been posted somewhere.. but i couldn't be bothered looking does anyone no why tito pulled out? did he have a fight with Dana or somethin?
  17. Brock Would beat Fedor Cain Would beat Fedor Junior Dos Santos Would beat Fedor Mir Could Beat Fedor Carwin Could Beat Fedor End of Story.
  18. hahaha you'll see.. give us 10 years
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