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  1. I reakon Silva's got everyone at 185 covered.. bar maybe Sonnen and Henderson who might beat him 1/10 times by laying on him for 5 rounds.. i personally think that after he fights Maia and beats him and after Jon Jones beats Vera, i think those two should through down, winner gets a title shot, even if machidas still champ lol would be an unreal fight in my eyes Anderson Silva Vs. Jonny Bones Jones Your guys thoughts on Silva's next fight?
  2. australia is the best sporting nation among every country.. we only have a population of 20 mil yet we beat america in like every sport.. if MMA kicks in which i reakon it will in australia we will have some of the best fighters in the world..
  3. I've bolded who i think will win and fight of night etc. would like to no what everyone else thinks.. Georges St-Pierre Vs. Dan Hardy Frank Mir Vs. Shane Carwin - KNOCKOUT OF THE NIGHT Ben Saunders Vs. Jake Ellenberger Jon Fitch Vs. Thiago Alves - FIGHT OF THE NIGHT Jim Miller Vs. Mark Bocek Nate Diaz Vs. Rory Markham - SUBMISSION OF THE NIGHT Ricardo Almeida Vs. Matt Brown Kurt Pellegrino Vs. Fabricio Camoes Rodney Wallace Vs. Jared Hamman Rousimar Palhares Vs. Tomasz Drwal Matthew Riddle Vs. Greg Soto
  4. because your a ******** american
  5. i think alot of people thought it.. but didnt realise how much power he's actually got.. i reakon there wrestling would cancel each other out..
  6. Personally i think Cain would dominate lesnar.. his striking is unbelievable and his crazy cardio and wrestling ability i think he would defeat lesnar in the 2nd round hope mir and carwin cant back up and the fight eventuates
  7. he'd probly beat some heavyweights.. with his speed.. but he just doesnt have enough power.. definately better at LHW.. even though he still cant win at LHW.. he just needs to stay at LHW and improve his skills to start winning
  8. Dustin Hazelett - never in a boring fight that dude and i love his submissions and his personality & Anderson Silva - hes just unbelievable, thats all you can say
  9. i think hardys gonna get dominated... lets look at the last time GSP faced a dominant striker (thiago alves), he absolutely dominated him. absolutely domitated him. i dont see any hope for hardy.. unless he does a matt serra, which i dont think GSP will ever let happen again.. GSP's in the top 5 pound for pound fighters in the world if not in the top 2 and hardy would probably not even be in the top 50.. so its just logical.. but i do hope that somehow hardy shocks the world with a wild TKO.. gotta go for the underdog even if hardy does win, GSP wont stop untill he gets the belt back.
  10. Although the card didnt have a title fight it was one of the best events i've seen. plus the crowd.... oh the crowd.. i think us aussies proved to the UK and America that we got f**ing a big fan base down here and we are for real and you can't say no to coming here again! P.s. Stuff Mir Vs Lesnar, i wanna see Cain vs Brock.. Caino will shut every pricks mouth for once
  11. mir will probly win due to experiance but i hope im wrong.. so for that my prediction is carwin TKO via fairy jab
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