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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPTgegc19lY mir is gay as aids
  2. what gives is your a dirty good for nothin polesmokin porch monkey
  3. he would call wandy a brazillian ***** and then cut his **** off and make him eat his own ****. then he would **** your mom and **** on her mother******* face
  4. nick ring vs the other guy. he should of won tuf and now he can redeem himself. and of course all ufc 126 fights
  5. there is no possible way this fight will last more than 2 rounds. neither one of these guys is a wrestler or grinder, imo someones going to get ktfo or submitted in the first or second. depending on which vitor shows up, id give the edge to silva
  6. freeman948

    Close 1st round

    thats cause hes a jew-fro ****g0t
  7. +1 im not a big mir fan but even i think the ref should have stopped that fight when he wasnt defending himself not 6 punches later.
  8. alright, i admit that even as a gsp "****" i was upset with his performance tonight. However i (and the group of people i was watching it with) could not believe the armbar attempt that he had on hardy. i mean it almost looked as though he was trying to hurt hardy but not make him tap by the way he was sporadically pulling down on his arm. all he had to do was lift his hips up and he could have had hardy tapping or have broken his arm. so the question is, was it poor jujitsu on his part or part of a bigger plan (like hurting that arm to affect hardys striking)....
  9. mir is far from a family man. he came to fighters nation in calgary and was trying to sleep with chicks at the gym. no respect for mir whatsoever.
  10. well roys already proven that he can out-wrestle mir so who knows. i didnt think hed make it past the kitchen table let alone win TUF. So.... go get em roy, the skies the limit!
  11. thanks for posting these. i forgot that some people might not remember who those homos were that i was talking about. we will see what happens when they get put in the cage with somebody world class. MARCH 27th
  12. ufc should never go back to the uk cause all the fighters from there are loud mouth homos. stick to tea parties and harry potter movies. GSP will destroy Hardy.
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