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  1. alot of people already have the game search on youtube for footage I don't know how they get it but last year if you reserved MW2 on some websites they shipped you the game 3 days before it came out.
  2. Yes you're right it makes no sense because Jones was telling on people in High School, and although i still think its a ***** move to tell on someone for stealing its totally different then telling on someone for smoking.
  3. and Brock fans say he didn't verbally tap lol whats all that screaming about?
  4. Well when fans annoy you for months and months the only satisfying thing is to see there fighter lose.
  5. lmao have you guys seen the commercial with Kobe and a bunch of gamers shooting each other yet its hilarious
  6. I base my hate towards fighters off of fans and fighter personality's. I hate Lesnar because of his fans. I hate Bones because hes a snitch.
  7. 3rd one is not an excuse its a fact. How you can deny the obvious is beyond me.
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