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  1. I think this guy likes Yoda I can get onboard with this list. Yoda vs Dooku is probably only good part of AOTC , event though it completely disregards his character in the OT and the very foundations of Star Wars. "welp guess we're even in the force, so we'll just use our lightsabers now" i.e. George just made lightsabers stronger than the force. *fart*
  2. *Edit: Guess I'll add some explanations besides each Favorite Jedi: Anakin Skywalker (I like the overall story of Anakin and arc he has - although that is only because it's bolstered through the Clone Wars series which really fleshes out his character. I like he teeters between the light and dark side. If I'm going just movies-only , I'd go with Ben Kenobi - he's a savage. Slicing off limbs in a bar, completely not giving a fook if Baru an Owen are RIP in pieces...Ben Kenobi is dope.) Favorite Character: Kylo Ren/Ben Solo. (People are gonna hate me for this , but you can kindly fook off. Kylo Ren is how George wished Anakin was portrayed in the prequels, but George can't write characters or direct people for chit. Thorougly enjoyed Kylo's arc in the sequels , and lets be honest, he's the only one with a cohesive arc in the sequels. I really enjoy Kylo in TLJ. Liked his redemption in IX and how he replayed his bridge scene with Han Solo, only with a different outcome. Just wished we got more Ben Solo, himself. Least Favorite Character: General Grevous (don't know why , but can't stand him and he's pointless) Favorite Lightsaber battle: Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker - Return of the Jedi. (this fight actually has emotion to it. It's less about the "fight" , but really the circumstances of the fight, which ultimately results in the return of Anakin. Anakin vs Obi-Wan in ROTS is too long and loses my attention - it also has zero emotional attachment because his turn was so quick and unconvincing . Had they just shortened the fight to one-two minutes, it could have been equally epic and impactful) Favorite Movie: Empire Strikes Back (no explanation needed) Least Favorite Trilogy: Prequels (TPM is unwatchable to me. AOTC is boring as hell. Maybe last 15-minutes of movie are decent, but doesn't make up for all the boring exposition before that. ROTS is the only good prequels movie)
  3. Going to try my hand at Cliffs of Dover Just realized this year will officially mark 10 years I've been playing guitar. Time flies That being said, I think I need to learn some more difficult stuff. Cliffs of Dover is a good start, and an amazing song. Lots of cool licks
  4. Seems like this event has spurred fora members out of retirement. Happy new years chit bags
  5. Bezerker gets my vote this year and next year cause he singlehandedly kept the Guitar thread going Salute to Bezerker
  6. I'm gonna vote Clash of Clans as best thread considering I at least was relevant in Clash of Clans for couple quarters of the year No idea what happened in the fora this year
  7. If all those released in 2022, I'd assume Kenobi releases in the spring - probably right around May the 4th. Mando in fall as usual. Jedi Fallen order in November like the first one. Not sure where that puts Andor...maybe summer?
  8. Dang that sucks. Was looking forward to Mando S3, but Favreau and Filoni are producing Book of Boba - I think it'll be great. Imagine the first episode: Boba -"somehow....Greedo returned" 2022 is finna be LIT though: 1. Kenobi 2. Mando Season three. 3. Andor? 4. Jedi Fallen Order 2 ^that list is also coincidentally in the order of what I'm looking forward to.
  9. That finish was 10/10 would bang. I was on the Kevin Holland bandwagon already , but now I'm strapped in folks
  10. They will be. Months ago they had already announced he was returning as Anakin and Vader. Imo , this investor day just made it official Ooof , I liked the episode . Not as cringe as George Lucas dialogue , what crack you on TUF?! Side tangent: I watched Attack of the Clones few days ago (hadn't watched it in while) , and Boba mentioning Jango in that last Mando episode got me wanting to see Mace yeet Jango again Anyways...there's some real damn cringe in episode 2. God damn that movie is boring for the first...idk..1 and half hours. At least when they get to Geonosis, it picks up a bit. Best part of movie is when Shmi dies and Anakin is built with rage and starts yeeting not just the men , but the women and children Cause up until that point of the movie , finally someone aint talking and we just get to watch Anakin DO something rather than just say rando things. Also like how qui-gon is trying to reach out to Anakin thru the force while he is slaughtering not just the men , but the women and the children. You can hear his voice when it cuts to Yoda meditating. Scene should have been a bit loner tbh
  11. Your response tells everything Back in the prime time of the fora, there used to be paragraphs written when someone asked this question But nonetheless...
  12. Can confirm 1. Clegg is a CAN 2. IDYB is also a can and will not refunded any money. Good riddance
  13. alright I've been out of the loop for a while , somebody give me an update on the recent happenings on the fora. I promise your compliance will be met with a swift like
  14. This season has been dope. I do wish the leaks hadn't gone out so early before the season i.e regarding Ahsoka and Bo Katan But nonetheless, thoroughly enjoying this season. My only question is how many seasons will this run? I know they are slated for a season 3. Kenobi series begins filming January 2021 and is slated to air in 2022. Can't imagine Disney outputs both Mando and Kenobi in the same year But if they do , Kenobi in spring 2022 and a potential Mando season 4 in Fall 2022 would be pleasing
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