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  1. us man holding on for dear life Wants nothing to do with Gamebred
  2. Lol and Marty has the audacity to call out GSP GSP would literally rape him
  3. Battle of the Washed Up bums Yeah, probably likely m8 Cruz by UD btw
  4. we all knew Aldo was gonna get pieced up , but would have liked to see him take it Dude is only 33 , but he's 33 with USADA. Maybe 10 years ago he would have won ala TRTBelfort
  5. Word on the street was ref was the prodigy of Mario Yamasaki
  6. Joe Sway coming out strong R4 Then R5 finna decide Split decision incoming folks
  7. Joe Sway Aldo finna come out stronk R3
  8. he's a house wife. He'll never have to work another day in his life. As long as Paige shows her boobs more
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