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  1. I learned Free Bird solo through that video . Call me crazy , that's the only riff I needed to know God damn , what a solo
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKb9CA9kR90
  3. I'd be scared to dance around that much after back to back leg injuries ****ing Florida
  4. Lol what in the fook just happened. Thought I was watching some WWF chit Next Yan vs Aljo fight will be a first blood in a Hell in a Cell match But seriously that knew was terrible. What a dumb ****
  5. Trout will never leave Anaheim. If Angels had elite starters, they would easily smash the AL West. With the Astros exposed , and hopefully they continue to decline this year , the AL West is almost open season I think Angels easily have the best lineup in our division, but it's just the pitching that's setting us back Fletcher, Trout , Rendon , Ohtani , Upton (if he gets back to prime) , Iglesias (high batting avg player). Jared Wash hit .337 in Sept last year and will be our starting 1B. We will score 10 runs a game , but pitching will give up 11 lol
  6. Where are you guys betting? I'm currently using MyBookie (as of two weeks ago). Won $20 parlay that paid $230 for Kina + Derek Lewis
  7. alright...why the fook does it say UFChamp created this thread? This is clearly a Nyte OG thread. I need mod-intervention immediately I need royalties changed back to Nyte, thank you very much.
  8. Also , how you feel about Marcus Semien and Khris Davis being signed on different teams? Oakland A's were the cheapest winning-iest teams in recent history. But you just got rid of a 40-HR hitter and a former 3rd place MVP player.....lol on behalf on myself and the Angels, we appreciate these motions
  9. lol si 27 years young m8. Joined the fora when I was 16 back in 2010. Although I'm currently in my second fora hiatus. I'm an inactive can to say the least
  10. Last visited in 2020 , my ninja WarWest, where you be my ninja?!

  11. holy **** , been couple years since I've bought a guitar , but these Jimmy Page Teles are calling my name
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