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  1. Lauren is mean as ****. Absorbed all those strikes with her face . Respect .
  2. Yeah he's definitely high and drunk. Lmfao , let's go Nick
  3. Nick was probably higher than Jeff Bezos net worth Don't blame him. Come back against a unranked and get that dub
  4. Damn that was trash Nick said if he got his **** whooped he'd come back...so he better come back at 170 this time. 6 years without a fight, I can see it
  5. Maybe Diaz is playing possum and bout to light it up in the 3rd or 4th round
  6. Remove that avatar immediately. Da fooq
  7. Bruh looks like Diaz is throwing in slow motion. But Robbie taking those shots
  8. My ninja. Who the fook is cutting onions? War Diaz!
  9. God damn shame. Let me know if they show up
  10. I'm just checking to see if WarWest is here with Nick Diaz returning That would be two GOATS returning. Sup chit bags
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