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  1. **** Perry and Gall , this actually a fight I care about Lets go Dustin!!
  2. lets ****ing go Diamond!!!!
  3. Trying real hard to defend a bum Does Perry break top 15 with win over Gall now? Lol......
  4. lol Perry couldn't even finish a 3-2 fighter But yeah for sure Perry really good bro lmao
  5. Perry trying real hard to sound like a Diaz lol
  6. Perry did the right thing and brought it to the ground in order to gass Gall Perry want nothing to do with those hands
  7. Lol Perry getting pieced up on the feet Good chit Clegg
  8. Mike Perry sounds like a retarded Nate Diaz
  9. Perry gonna get diggled
  10. RIP in pieces Gian Gigante 2020-2020
  11. "Meet me on the island" 2020 version of Don't Be Scared Homie
  12. Wtf did I just watch. Gian just tapped to himself
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