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  1. Not necessarily JJs fault , but Disney overall not having a plan from the beginning More in line with what TUF said - they essentially just let the directors do whatever they wanted which moreover shows they didn't have a cohesive story to fulfill. the whole ironic part is people hate TLJ and/or Rian Johnson, but the main concept he built in TLJ was used exclusively in RoS or developed more in RoS lol. Cause JJ can't come up with anything new Kylo/ Rey force bond (which was used throughout the whole movie + adding in transporting physical items i.e. Kylo grabbing her necklace or Rey passing Ben the Saber) is what I'm referring to which was whole basis of their relationship in 9. And in response to Boyega stuff - I don't blame him. In force awakens, I actually really liked him. Former storm trooper finding himself with the enemy [resistance] and having a past and unknown future to deal with. But his arc was trash since it went nowhere in RoS. His bits in TLJ were boring, for most part, but at least at the end he committed to the resistance rather than just seeking out Rey. Then RoS happens and all he does is shout Rey all movie. But hey , JJ made him force sensitive so he'd be able to scream Rey through the force ala Vader toying with Luke at the end Empire
  2. Also I'm watching Rogue One as I type this. Ya love to see it
  3. When is Kenobi series filming? Read reports spring 2021 and then another report claiming it's filming fall of this year I don't know what to believe anymore, but this is the series I'm looking forward to most. I hope they keep it 3-4 episodes (45-min each) - which is what I've heard... I think that's preferable than having a 10-episode series. I think it'll get diluted if it's too long. Take the Clone Wars Season 7 for instance - last four episodes were some of the best Star Wars I've ever seen. But all the episodes before that were meh (couple good ones, but didn't care for the dikes-storyline). I think they can do the same with the Kenobi series - minimal, but meaningful episodes.
  4. You're right ; it's 10 rounds in a mag (in Cali) Dude at Ammo Bros who sold me the gun , my buddy and I were talking to him for a bit,...he was very anxious to get out of Cali cause of the gun laws lol Edit: nah, still in ghey a-rse-Angels-trash- SoCal
  5. First time posting in this thread Purchased my first gun today. Couple buddies of mine invited me to the shooting range couple weeks ago (first time shooting loaded gun) - I was immediately sold. I am inexperienced, not very knowledgable when it comes to guns, but it's something I"m gonna be reading on for a long time now I purchased a Glock 17 9mm - I wasn't looking to get something too expensive, but something I could have as my own to take to the range and just have at home. Shot a Sig P226, was very fond of it. Potentially something I get down the line, but like I said, want to get more involved and knowledgable in this area In reply to the bold: Yeah this was the first thing they taught me. Literally as we waited, ruffley 30-min to get a bay, went through all the safety procedures and what not. I could see this being annoying as I get out to the ranges more. EDIT: Smith and Wesson revolver ... one day
  6. Epic bump. Imma have to take a seat and dive through all these rustles of the past
  7. You are correct, had a bunch if rando invites. They are clear now
  8. If someone could add me back to SPARTA UK75 , that would be great Says I've been banned lol There something I don't know about. This is outrageous. It's unfair . How can you be a Clash of Clan and not be on the council?
  9. Since we're on the topic of SOLO, I actually wasn't too bought in with Glover's rendition of Lando. With that, I wouldn't bee too excited in a Lando series, but ofcourse I'd still watch it and be optimistic he can improve the character. And it would pose the possibility of Alden, Q'ira , and Maul returning. On the flipside, I really enjoyed Alden's rendition of Han. His seemed more genuine and an actual younger, less smooth version of Han Solo. While I felt Glover was merely just doing impressions of Cloud City Lando the whole time
  10. Is Lando getting his own series or is Donald Glover just set to reprise his role in another [already announced*] D+ Series? Cause I've heard both - I'd prefer it to be the latter. I could see Lando making an appearance in the Cassian Andor series
  11. us man holding on for dear life Wants nothing to do with Gamebred
  12. Lol and Marty has the audacity to call out GSP GSP would literally rape him
  13. Battle of the Washed Up bums Yeah, probably likely m8 Cruz by UD btw
  14. we all knew Aldo was gonna get pieced up , but would have liked to see him take it Dude is only 33 , but he's 33 with USADA. Maybe 10 years ago he would have won ala TRTBelfort
  15. Word on the street was ref was the prodigy of Mario Yamasaki
  16. Joe Sway coming out strong R4 Then R5 finna decide Split decision incoming folks
  17. Joe Sway Aldo finna come out stronk R3
  18. he's a house wife. He'll never have to work another day in his life. As long as Paige shows her boobs more
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