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  1. As a Machida fan I'll give my opinion. Of course there was a lot of trash talk about the decision and it'll happen. I respect Shogun fans because I think Shogun is very very talented. Doesn't hold excuses and is deadly in his own right. He's a legend and will remain that despite the pointless words thrown around like shobum and what not. Have respect for Pride veterans because that's a time where warriors will always be remembered. Shogun was definitely one of them and deserves laud for a long time. Machida and Shogun fans should unite but it's highly unlikely. Even with the Shogun fans being very opinionated like Machida fans. I can understand all the defending of Shogun and their pride for their fighter. Just my two cents. War Shogun, War Machida.
  2. Thanks for the tip. I didn't know.
  3. The offer is out there. No h0mo.
  4. I'm not made of money! But supposedly the whole forum is full of richness. Maybe you can all become my best friends. Then we can share that texas mickey together and everything will be jolly. Get drunk and frolic merrily in a random field of roses.
  5. I ask this every PPV and going to just save them. Anyone have legit good quality streams? Thanks.
  6. Signed into my account just to sign this thread.
  7. Quality post/thread to the OP. I PM'D you Bill. Please read when you get the chance.
  8. People say over rated because he beats people that aren't top tier and loses. Yet he's with Greg Jackson and has all the potential in the world to become champ. You're a moron. Lauzon will gas in the second and just get overwhelmed and get sloppy. If anything Lauzon is over hyped. He beat Gabe? Who else? Pulver? ....uh. He's going to get beat.
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