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  1. I didn't mean to convey that it would stop anyone, rather that it's now becoming impossible to do them without being video raped. I mean taped.
  2. Wha? Dude..Lil Wayne is the lick bra. Musically speaking of course.
  3. It's a cold and brutal place in the tank. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OKluZFZoHs&feature=youtube_gdata_player Say goodbye to sex on the balcony. Burning one at a Phish concert. Hitting a mulligan on the golf course. Privacy has become nostalgia. Can't even fart in public anymore without some infrared camera picking it up from the stratosphere. But I guess we're safer now so it's all good.
  4. My First concert was to see Lil Wayne, the GOAT I'm sorry bro, but is Lil Wayne a musician? I've not heard any music written by anyone by that name. : ) J/k. I do acknowledge rap as an art form. But one does not simply attend a "rap concert". Maybe a rap festival, or a rap contest, or a rap display.
  5. Ok Gabri. So b/c one person on here lacked some understanding of the scripture's references to witches and the command from God to rid the land from their evil sourcery, pharmakia, medium channeling, worship of Satan, pagan sacrificing of babies, and using the power of darkness to oppress good people. I get it. I see how we all fit nicely into your little stereotypical box of criticism. But not really... More to the context of the references to witches and mediums, what do you perceive as the reasoning behind such an order to rid the land of these sourcerers who were taking advantage of people through demonic deception and cunning? Why don't we examine these reasons given by God to do this instead of going on about God kills innocent people blah, blah, blah. There is a purpose in it. Maybe you might struggle with it, as I do often with such weighty past events. But I'm confident Gabri that if instead of closing your mind off to the incorruptible reasoning behind God's acting on behalf of those he favors, namely his elect, you could resolve to open your mind to other purposes. Namely, that God is holy and cannot accept the rebellious and unlawful practice of divination and demonic charades done by those steeped in the evil trickery of the day, who sought to destroy the establishment of a holy nation and people favored by God, namely his elect. Until one understands the importance of purity in the heart and body before a holy God, one will always have a perverted view of God. Over and over in the old and new testaments God warns against the sins that so easily ensnare us and harden our hearts ultimately damning us by our own choice to an eternity apart from God and apart from the joy that will be among those who obeyed the quiet voice of the Lord. Today, the world strongly opposes holiness and mocks sexual purity as if it was some old bible teaching to control people. Simply, God knows the best way for our well being to be preserved and for our joy to be full, and that is through "loving God with all of our heart, mind and soul, and loving your neighbor as we love ourselves." God breaks it down plainly to us when he said these two commands. If we can do these two things, then we fulfil the law and please God. But oh how we fail. We do not love God, we despise holiness, and you can just look briefly down the annuls of time and see how we treat our neighbor.
  6. Use the bible when it suits them? Flip it's meaning? When? Where? Stereotyping and mud slinging is what your doing. Please give an example of this Gabri. There are things I wish I could flip the meaning of on scripture to suit the way I view something, but I can't. There are some things in the scripture that are difficult to understand and take time to examine in order to fully comprehend its meaning and context. Intelligence is condoned and strongly encouraged with God and the pursuit of the knowledge of God. But then there are more things in the scripture that are easy to understand and don't require much processing. Things like repentance, sin, the love of money above God, You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, flee youthful lusts, resist temptation, the future events upon the return of Christ to rule earth in holiness, and so on. Perhaps it is the message you don't like, though I do understand there are plenty of reasons to doubt the sincerity of the modern day spoiled American church-goer. I can see Gabri that maybe you don't agree with the scripture's hard stance against sexual perversions and God's original intent in creating male and female to bond as one in the covenant of marriage, which is not possible with un-natural non-hetero relationships. There are plenty of reasons to hate the message God gave us. It just rubs us the wrong way. I do understand this and I do struggle with some of the hard sayings in the bible.
  7. And the head witch is alive and well in every facet of our lives, globally and dominately. Good luck with that. B_radly out..
  8. Napalm Death. That sounds grade A family friendly. So what are your Fav bands Chons.
  9. It's interesting to witness recently Chon that you have noticeably elevated yourself of late in the level of energy and disdain you have seated in your heart for God and the innerrant scriptures. You clearly see yourself as an authority on the matter, seeing as how you mock anyone subscribing even a word to it. Classy stuff. Anyway, I have a question for you. Throughout history men have killed each other, in mass and individually. Millions of unjust cold blooded killing. There are murders going on by the thousands weekly in Mexico b/c citizens can't defend themselves against criminals. Daily unborn beating hearts are burned alive with saline, some surviving the brutal operation. Sudan, Somalia, Germany, Stalin, and all who've murdered... they do it injustly, but when God justly rewards evil nations and their offspring for their evils, you rip into God and not men. Why is this? This God you claim to have a pulse on is hiding himself from you Chons. You are reviling him without due cause. I suggest you do a biblical based study on the Levitical Law and what it's purpose was, as well as a biblical study on why God ordered the annihilation of the evil nations of God-hating baby sacrificing pagan nations that opposed Israel during their establishment geographically at that time. You are not an authority friend. Nor am I. Re-open your mind Chons. I'm praying that for you today.
  10. Saw Petty once or twice. Great band. And ya Lollapalooza would be considered a concert. I saw Primus, Fishbone, Alice in chains, and a few other pretty rad bands at Lollapalooza '92 here in Houston. Best time at any rock show ever. The pit was the biggest ive ever seen in my life, covered everybody in mud, crowd surfing was like the mode of transportation. If you needed to pee or break off for a monent you could opt to crowd surf your way out of the packed crowd or you could fight the bodies. Complete ordered chaos, lucid with the gamut of enhancing agents of the hallucinogenic kind, ripe with idol worship and out of body tonal mind sex.
  11. My first was KISS in Austin, roughly 1984, at the Erwin Center. Was their first tour ever without makeup. I was 10 yrs old. The hell was my dad thinking letting me go to that. I must have gotten high from all the weed in the place cause I don't remember much of it. Last concert was Sevendust here in Clear Lake last fall.
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