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  1. yeah but as my name says, JDS isn't going down, and i'm pretty sure Nelson has silenced his critics by destroying his last 2 opponents via KO
  2. dude he is 33 he isn't 40 like chuck, sure those battles he has been in has dinged up the chin but to say he isn't relevant is stupid he has the best Jits (minus Maia) in the sport and really he also as some of the best sweeps ever done he is legit, just needs to work the ground and try to take people into his world
  3. ^ hope not, i like Roy buy c'mon Cigano vs. Cain would be legendary
  4. yeah i suppose didn't quite see that there, but you seem like an active user on these boards how didn't you know this forsure
  5. he is fighting Junior Dos Santos at UFC 117 wikipedia and the UFC homepage are your friends however this has been around since around UFC 112 how have you not known this?
  6. to the knowledgeable fan: Wandy to the noobish fan: Forrest (love him but a lot of people don't) most noobish fans love him because he his funny and a familiar face he is the golden boy of the UFC and i would say if he had KO power he would be up there in P4P rankings, however that's like saying if BJ had a weak chin he would suck, a ffighter is given what they got can't change anything aboot em ahaha
  7. why don't wrstlers learn how to do crescent kicks? it's not that easy, most guys have been wrestling since 5 or 6 years old, you can't expect a britt to be able to learn it overnight while polishing their standup too, michael bisping as much as i hate him is the best wrestling britt they have expect Hardy to be a good wrestler in 2-3 years
  8. go Leben second round TKO
  9. probably Kenny i feel like he is one of the most classy dudes out there and would take the time to appriceate(wow can't spell) his fans
  10. GO KENNY, i think that he will actually wreck maynard his TDD looked stellar against Guida, something the OP forgot to mention and i also feel that Gray thinks he has too good of stand up and probably will try to stand with kenny at first, i had also heard that Kenny was training with GSP so that should help with his TDD i got kenny via second round sub
  11. best way to stop this is to get every stat to 70, and then when you spar save all your pints until you get signed for your last fight. and then you will be able to spend close to 1000-6000 points depending on when you start saving.6000 points = all stats from 70-100
  12. ^ well that may be true, it's just people who are bored seem to vent on these boards and that's what's seen. i know people who barely watch MMA and their favourite fighters are the wrestlers/BJJ guys, although who doesn't like a good KO
  13. yes he can he won in convincing fashion jeez i didn't really feel like reading the wall that is your text but my answer is yes he is 80% complete fighter (doesn't quite use subs) and he was clipped recovered and took him down 2 more times
  14. the funny thing is, if someone here trained enough to get to the UFC and take on someone like rampage or thiago alves, their gameplan would not be to stand and bang they would do the same thing, i sure as helI wouldn't stand with them
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