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  1. Was a good read, and cudos for that parent for doing what she had to do. Many parents would have had a major issue giving up her child like that, even though it was probably the right thing to do.
  2. Personality is big, as in sense of humour and intelligence. On the shallow side, smooth, clean skin and mamaries...
  3. Is that your real voice Brady??? LOL Cool interview, you should got the other mods on as well.
  4. Walk with a cup!!! Never train without it either. Also as aaid before be humble and don't try being a stud, most of the regular class will take advantage of you for that.
  5. Leonie what submission would you recommend when you're trapped in side mount but you have underhooks in. Also why???
  6. Might bore you but Confessions of an Economic Hitman and Secret History of the American Empire by John Perkins were great books. Im weird though....
  7. Football(EPL, LPA Serie A etc) MMA Somewhere between Basketball, cricket, Body Building, Track & field
  8. Do as in get to know, carry out on dates, meet the family, propose, get married and live a happily married monogmaous life with??? None....
  9. Not too familiar with the American union landscape. There were some pretty nasty union led strikes over the past years here. Teachers are right now staying away from classes to get their salaries increased by 13% They were offered 8.5%
  10. Don't be on here much anymore but I'd probably be looking up random stuff online as I post most times from work. Too busy/lazy to get on at home...
  11. Any of you think Unions have too much power??? In Argentina last week I think they basically had the country at a standstill as the entire public transportation system was down. I personally think they're given too much at times. I worked previously in an Industrial Relations environment and some of the claims made were quite simply ludicrous....
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6blgjF6UkU This now^^^
  13. HappyHamer - Consant lols Kang - seems cool idyb - more extreme lols helium - one of coolest posters Fast - war with hamer + lols maybe, brew, leonie, or someone else involved in the industry.
  14. I'm currently dabbling in Blops 2, Mortal Kombat, and soon to be SSFIV and Fifa 13.
  15. MVC 2 and you have a deal, pm gamertag. I also have d SSF4 AE haven't played it yet but will still take the competition.
  16. He is poisoning his club. His aim is Pep though. Benitez is there to keep things running for the while.
  17. Shaktar gonna beat Juve and we will beat Nords:cool: Not impressed by this but he does have big team experience and Champions League as well. LOL @ Spurs and Newcastle at the moment. Oh and Chelsea has fans.
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