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  1. Everything about this fight makes sense. Both coming off wins, both in the mix. They SHOULD fight at 119 or 120. The winner would undoubtly get the next shot after Florian/Maynard. Y'know what? I have a strong feeling this WILL happen!
  2. Its on mmajunkie.com. also, if you didnt already know, the winner of JDS and Nelson get the winner of Lesnar/Cain. Lesnar left the Carwin fight uninjured. So White wants him back in there ASAP
  3. Nice breakdown. But i think it'll be a 5 rounder similar to the way the Herring fight went. Brock ground and pounding the s*** outta Velasquez except less brutal seeming how Cain is a better wrestler then Herring. I think Brock will win a unanimous. And then he'll destroy Dos Santos... who's obviously gonna destroy Nelson.
  4. he said "Duffe might be the 3rd death in MMA." the 2 and the "3rd"
  5. Rampage/Lil Nog is rumored to be rumored. If that makes sense.
  6. Don't even compare the two. They both have power, yeah. But they fight nothing alike. Liddell was in his prime when he was dominating. Carwin is just getting started. Far from his prime. Still learning. As for being rocked by Gonzaga, he's a big dude, if he hit's ANYONE with a clean shot like what he hit Carwin with, their going to feel it! Carwin, I think learned from that and didn't give Mir a chance to land s***. I wouldn't doubt it if Carwin ended up with a crazy record like Fedor...except y'know, top-tier guys. But this Saturday will truly be his biggest test. I can't wait!
  7. JuggaloB

    Jones vs. Hamill 2

    I'm not counting him out. I just KNOW bones is gonna win. He'll prolly get either a unanimous decision or a 3rd round TKO. It should be a good fight though.
  8. JuggaloB

    Jones vs. Hamill 2

    Hamill's coming off a win over Jardine, Jones will be coming off a win over Matyushenko. Jones was dominating their first fight. He can do it again without getting DQ'd. Setting up a possible future rubber match....
  9. Prolly Nate and Nick Diaz, cuz i hear they smoke that good sh*t.
  10. If you remeber right, he was ALSO rewarded a UFC contract after his fight with Forrest Griffin at the first TUF finale. So it kinda depends on that. He prolly won't be cut. Besides, he's gonna win anyways. I got a feeling theyll end up rubber matching it.
  11. I think Rampage and Machida should fight next, but after Machida beats Rampage, he should get Franklin. Let Franklin get a chance to redeem his first ever loss. This would be a great fight today.
  12. It was the TUF finale, actually. Not UFN...
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