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  1. Pr0n


    dos santos vs cain will be the best mma vs boxing we can get cain is a true mma fighter in the cage and dos santos is a true boxer in the cage he said him self he will win the fight with his boxing he never takes no one down never looks for submissions so will see if a boxer could be a mma fighter
  2. Pr0n

    Frank Mir LHW Divison

    No haha u dont no **** ill remember your name and hit u up when it happens
  3. Pr0n

    Frank Mir LHW Divison

    So if frank mir losses his fight to Nog he will move to the LHW division he said it himself he doesnt no if hes in the right weight class he will be such a threat to it will happen just watch. oh and cain will move to LHW division also cause he will be dominated ufc 121 hes to small for the HW divison his only win against someone with a Name was nog.
  4. jon jones is koo he needs to work on his striking then we will be dangerous
  5. Pr0n

    Diego Sanchez LWD

    So he will move down to lightweight division after he looses to paulo thiago to much talent and sanchez sucks he cant throw a punch if his life depended on it.
  6. Pr0n

    HD Berry

    HD berry what does the HD stand for yah dumb question i no
  7. Pr0n

    Ufc 117 stacked!

  8. everytime i try to play online it says my "hat or mat is not open can someone help me with out being a **** thank you
  9. Pr0n


    After he beats nelson there is no way you cant give him next at the belt after cain i beleive he has gone threw a tougher road then brock mir carwin and cain and made it look easy what 4 or 5 kos idk against LEGIT people he will be a legend in mma no doubt
  10. U told me dont post thread but you know a **** made a thread when it says Machida doesnt look the same!! right there u need to stfu he got caught
  11. Pr0n

    Cain LHW

    i wouldn't be surprised to see him in LHW division cause he will not be successful in the HW division yes he beat nog but that will be it i dont see him beating top competition
  12. doing what cleaning the blood off the octagon after the fights he isnt a elite fighter he made a name by chuck like many others
  13. After he losses to matt he will be the next one looking for a job 4 losses in the ufc is a no no
  14. Both will shoot for the take down head butt each other ending in double ko what u think
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