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  1. I know he's only had 4 fights, but I thought every one of Rory MacDonalds' fights have been great.
  2. Dana always gives his two cents on who he thinks won close/controversial fights at every press conference and post fight interviews. I'm wondering how Dana can honestly judge a fight one way or the other as every time I see the guy sitting cageside during a fight he is either on twitter or talking to someone beside him. The guy probably only "watches" half of any fight at best. Thoughts?
  3. When do tickets go on sale? Calgary's only 90 minutes away!
  4. Love this kind of stuff, thanks for posting!
  5. Sorry for your loss, know how it feels, just lost my boy Odin last summer after 14.5 years.
  6. GSP is better than anyone at combining the disciplines which is why he can take his opponent out of their gameplan and into his. GSP is my favorite fighter, but I do want to see him fight like he used to. If you watch his fights from TKO or his early fights in the UFC he was a beast...and he still is...but I think he is so focused on the gameplan developed for him that he never strays from it; even when he has his opponent hurt. Look at the Shields fight...beautiful head kick and GSP resets instead of trying for a finish. Or against Kos he could have been throwing left hooks or the left leg to the body and head all night...one of them would have connected eventually as Kos couldn't see it coming. I believe GSP thinks too much inside the cage, he should just trust his ability and go after it. i think Jackson is actually holding GSP back a bit with the gameplans. If you watch GSP train or have seen him on Sport Science, the guy is a freak. He is as strong and hits as hard as a LHW and many HW's, but he isn't using it. I can understand where the frustration from so many fans comes from...you know the guy could absolutely destroy most of his opponents, especially after he wears them out in the first few rounds, but he stays so disciplined and doesn't go in for the kill. I was really looking forward to the GSP/Diaz fight (thanks Carlos:mad:)...I was hoping with the bad blood, GSP might come out a lot more aggressive like he used to. That being said, all he does is wins, but if he wants to have the legacy he is aspiring to, he needs to start putting guys to sleep.
  7. My father-in-law was a cop for 25 years. I get to hear a lot of stories; really messed up stuff. When he retired he was very happy, like a huge burden had been lifted from his shoulders. Almost nothing he has ever spoken about the job has had any kind of positive message to it. He said the stuff you see on the news is hard enough to handle...it's the details of some of the crimes that they won't allow to be reported about, that are the hardest to deal with.
  8. In my youth I was good at football, rugby and I was a decent wrestler, although I never actually competed in wrestling except for when I was like 9, I think. I can also say i may be the only Canadian who doesn't like hockey and can't skate to save his life:D
  9. Hendo didn't have too many problems with Palhares and landed a lot of good shots in their fight. I think Anderson would use his reach and uncanny accuracy to pick Palhares apart and eventually get the KO.
  10. A friend and I were in a video store in '94 and I saw the cover of UFC 2...we grabbed it as we were forever debating who the best fighters would really be if they had to face off...been a fan ever since...and yes, I am that old:mad:
  11. I'm Canadian, and GSP is my favorite fighter...that being said, Anderson Silva is the P4P#1. Sorry, he's champ, hasn't lost and has 2 wins in a weight class higher than his own (although I do agree that Irvin probably doesn't count for much). Oh, I'm not a big fan of Silva either, personality wise, but he is fun to watch.
  12. Hate to admit it, but I'm old enough...she was beautiful and also very successful, years before "The Bodyguard" came out.
  13. Okoye35

    Prelims tomorrow

    Anyone know how/where I can watch the prelims in Canada tomorrow?
  14. Great post! I am a huge GSP fan, but I also am dissapointed at certain times in his fights when he doesn't go in for the kill...but it is understandable why he doesn't...he's always in control and is never reckless. I find GSP extremely fun to watch, even if only from an athletic perspective. I've coached and played football in the past and I have a bit of a wrestling background. When I watch GSP and see the focus he has and his ability to keep the fight wherever he wants it is fascinating. When you have coached athletes, even in other sports outside of MMA you tend to focus on small details, foot placement, how they move their hips, positioning etc. Watching GSP's athletecism is amazing... I know most people love to see a great brawl, me included, but I hope that people can also see when a truly great and absolutely dominant champion performs the way he does, they appreciate it. btw, this lay n pray crap that people accuse GSP of is ridiculous...has anyone noticed how easily GSP passes guard and is constantly changing and improving his position? He may not have finished his last few fights, but he put on a clinic in each one. BJ Penn - exciting fighter, Alves - exciting fighter, Dan Hardy - exciting fighter...many people on here comment on how boring those fights were...is that because GSP is boring, or were people just frustrated that GSP dominated them so badly that they had almost no answer for anything he did...I believe the latter, it takes 2 guys to make an exciting fight and if you aren't good enough to hang with the champ, don't blame the champ.
  15. This guy knows what he's talking about...great advice. Also keep in mind, some weeks will be better than others so don't get frustrated...only weigh yourself about once a week, first thing in the morning, undressed, preferably after you've taken a crap...that is the only way to get an accurate body weight. Your body will adapt quickly to exercise, especially with you being so young, so make sure you change up your workouts every 2 to 3 months or whenever you feel like you have plateaued. Best of luck!!!
  16. It's just pre-fight hype, and Rampage is one of the best at it. I'm curious as to what he'll say in the upcoming weeks.
  17. Okoye35

    Chael Sonnen

    GSP vs Sonnen is intriguing, but I think Sonnen would likely dominate that fight... and this is coming from a GSP fan. Sonnen isn't just a good wrestler, like I see some people post, but a world class-olympic level wrestler. He is bigger and stronger than GSP and I think he would do to GSP what he did to Silva. No one could take Silva down, but Sonnen did it at will and pounded on him for 4 and a half rounds. I don't think it would be an exciting fight, just one-sided in Sonnen's favor. I would love to see the Penn/Aldo fight though...that would be a barn-burner.
  18. I like Nick Diaz, I also like GSP...but let's get real...Diaz has never beaten a top ten welter-weight...ever! Diaz was busted up by Gomi, who is a lightweight...the same Gomi who was destroyed by Guida and Florian...I think Diaz has the skills to beat GSP...IF his wrestling has improved...Diaz has always had trouble with wrestlers and Strikeforce has been spoon-feeding him all stand-up fighters since he became champ. I don't think Diaz even deserves a shot against GSP but if he does fight him, I see another GSP take-down and G'N'P clinic.
  19. With Shields' performance, he does not deserve a title shot, like they were saying he would likely get if he won.
  20. Just curious what Brock should do to lose 55 pounds of muscle, so that he can weigh 230 and be able to make the cut to 205????
  21. In your opinion, who is the most underrated NFL player or players in history and why? For me, two that pop in my head right off the bat are Kevin Greene and Howie Long. Kevin Greene ranks 3rd, ALL-TIME in sacks, and he was a linebacker. This guy was totally intense and so much fun to watch and had to be accounted for on every play. I think he is underrated/overlooked because he played for 4 different teams so he didn't have that one team that defined him as a player like Butkus with the Bears, or LT with the Giants. Howie Long is a hall of famer and well respected, but I don't think he gets near as much respect or credit as he deserves. His stats aren't legendary by any means but he was an absolute force on the field. The guy drew double and triple team blocks constantly because one guy could not stop him. Because of his presence, and the blockers he drew, he freed up his teammates to make plays. I've seen interviews with coaches who said that they had to change their entire blocking schemes and offense just to deal with Howie. I've also seen players say that when they faced other D-linemen, their coach would give them pointers on how to block them...but with Howie they were told to "just do your best"
  22. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet... It could also be your heater core. It needs to be flushed every so often or they completely clog up and won't allow circulation. If your car is still having problems after everything else you have tried I'd suggest having it flushed. If it is completely clogged, flushing it will not work and it will need to be replaced.
  23. A. Silva should have 8 defenses, but Travis Lutter did not make weight...If I'm remembering things right??
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