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  1. Condensed version - Anderson lost to a better fighter, striking alone is not good enough these days to be a champion, gone are the days when guys like Chuck and Anderson can be champ REAL condensed version - Anderson was bored with his success, has been testing his limitations the past few fights, finally got a reality check and (hopefully) realized where the line is drawn.
  2. There are essentially two main arguments going around right now: A) Silva wanted to lose, so he "threw" the fight or Silva had nothing for Weidman, panicked, and went full-retard with his clowning in a desperate attempt to open Weidman up for a counter. Well I'm here to say that NEITHER of these arguments are correct. Obviously, if Silva wanted to lose on purpose, he would have just let Weidman submit him in the 1st, or gone ANY other route than getting KTFO'd. And as for Silva "having nothing" for Weidman, please... Silva was stuffing Weidman's takedowns with ease, and was just full-on disrespecting him with his antics. What REALLY happened is that Silva has been bored of being champ for the past couple of years. There is a stark contrast between how Silva USED to clown his opponents (i.e. he would actually throw punches after dodging his opponents' strikes) and what he has been doing for the past 2 years. So out of this boredom, Silva has been testing his limitations, doing all of the wrong things on purpose and severely disrespecting his opponents in an attempt to see just how much he can actually get away with. Letting his opponents hit him and basically refusing to throw a counter punch was not an attempt by Silva to make his opponent open up. He had plenty of chances to counter Weidman's strikes, and he was shrugging off his takedowns like they were nothing. So did Silva purposefully throw the fight? No. But he did not go out there to give 100% and dominate the way we all know he can (and usually does). Silva's only objective was to see if he was as invincible as he has made us all believe, and this foolish pursuit of clarity gave him the wake up call he has needed for a long, long time. I also believe him when he says he does not want a rematch. He was tired of being champ, and the constant title defenses against opponents he did not deem worthy had to be sucking out all of the enjoyment he would get from MMA. Silva will likely take a short vacation, and then look for some novelty fights at LHW against opponents he would like to test himself against, and these may ultimately lead to a superfight with Jon Jones for the LHW title (immediately followed, win or lose, by Silva's retirement).
  3. -Josh Koscheck vs. Robbie Lawler Great way to open the show. Lawler surprised me with his ability to get out from under Koscheck, and the ground-and-pound stoppage was 100% justified IMO. Kos looks like his career is coming to an end, while Lawler proved that he's still as exciting as ever. -Court McGee vs. Josh Neer Not much to say about this fight. These guys gave it their all, and all three rounds were entertaining (albeit sloppy). Court really should have finished Neer in the 1st round, but it never came back to bite him. Neither fighter will ever be a contender, but they can at least put on an entertaining fight. -Urijah Faber vs. Ivan Menjivar All that needs to be said is that Faber looked TERRIFIC and showed he's still got it. Menjivar was smothered and outworked quickly, and could never really capitalize on Faber's mistakes. Urijah might just have one last title run left in him. -Lyoto Machida vs. Dan Henderson This fight went exactly the way everyone expected it too. Machida sat back and capitalized on Hendo's aggression, and Hendo was just too slow and sloppy to put anything together. Whether you like Machida's style or not, there was no doubt that he deserved this win. He connected at will, defended very well, and controlled the fight (except for his slip in the 3rd that allowed Hendo to score a few points). In a fight against Jones, Machida just has to make sure to sit back and be patient. If he gets aggressive again like he did in round 2 of his first fight against Jones, the outcome will likely be the same. But if he sticks to his gameplan, he has a good chance of frustrating Jon and pulling off the upset. -Ronda Rousey vs. Liz Carmouche WOW! Dana White has to be the happiest man in the world right now. This fight could NOT have gone better for the UFC and WMMA as a whole. The (admittedly over-hyped) champion gets put in a VERY bad position early on, and it looked like the upset was all but guaranteed. Then, at the very last moment, Rousey somehow sneaks out of the submission, gets the upper-hand, and starts doing what she does best. Everyone at BWW was on the edge of their seat the entire fight, and I've literally never heard such excited reactions during any other fight. This main event was simply epic, and ensured that Women's MMA is here to stay. -Overall This was one of the better PPVs I've seen in quite a while. It doesn't hurt that every fighter I wanted to win came out victorious, but that still doesn't take away from the fact that this was a thoroughly enjoyable event. Oh, and Ronda Rousey is a bonafide SUPERSTAR. I think I speak for everyone when I say that her return to the Octagon can't come soon enough.
  5. Weidman is probably the most well rounded guy in the division. Great wrestling Great stand up Great Jiu jitsu Great cardio Good speed Great fighting instincts If anyone is going to take out Silva, it would be Weidman. So let me see if I can follow this logic... Weidman was a no-name. Then, he barely beats a gassed Demian Maia in one of the worst fights I've ever seen. Then he knocks out a slow, rusty, and mediocre Mark Munoz (who also has never beat anyone notable). And now he's one of the most well-rounded fighters at MW? So let me see If I can follow your logic... Sonnen is 2 inches shorter and has a 4 inch shorter reach than Weidman but he is bigger than Weidman? lmao! ok confused with that logic... Maia not only out grappled Sonnen but he suplexed him on his head and submitted him in just over 2 minutes of the first round. Yet you bash Weidman because he couldn't finish a gassed Maia? And Weidman took that fight on short notice?! Some great logic there too buddy... Sonnen got a gift in his win over Bisping. He shouldn't have even won that fight and he was cheating in his first fight against Silva and still couldn't beat him INJURED! I'm not saying Weidman will beat Silva but you're a complete fool if you really think Sonnen is a better fighter than Weidman. Sonnen belongs in the WWE because his mouth is the only thing he has going for him. So because Weidman is 2 inches taller than Sonnen, he's bigger? If you couldn't tell that I was talking about WEIGHT then I apologize, but I felt it was rather obvious. Just like people say that Rampage is a huge LHW or that GSP and Alves are big WWs, they aren't talking about height. Weidman's height will have no impact on the fight, so stating that Weidman is taller is pointless. As for Weidman taking the Maia fight on short notice, it also goes the other way that Maia took the fight on short notice as well, in the sense that he was training for a different opponent during his entire camp. So, again, pointing out Weidman's disgrace of a win over an out of shape Maia is, again, pointless. Now, finally, I never said Sonnen is a better fighter than Weidman. I said that Sonnen is a better WRESTLER and more aggressive/fearless than Weidman is. Seeing as those are the 3 attributes that you need to have any semblance of a chance against Silva, I think it is safe to say that Weidman has less of a chance to beat Silva than Sonnen did. Also, pointing out that a roided-up Sonnen still lost to an injured Silva just strengthens my argument, so thank you for pointing that one out as well!
  6. Weidman is probably the most well rounded guy in the division. Great wrestling Great stand up Great Jiu jitsu Great cardio Good speed Great fighting instincts If anyone is going to take out Silva, it would be Weidman. So let me see if I can follow this logic... Weidman was a no-name. Then, he barely beats a gassed Demian Maia in one of the worst fights I've ever seen. Then he knocks out a slow, rusty, and mediocre Mark Munoz (who also has never beat anyone notable). And now he's one of the most well-rounded fighters at MW?
  7. You should get the facts bro and your option is expected since your pic is of Silva subin Chael lol but Dana and Joe have said Weidman is just about if not the biggest MW fighter in the UFC and i say he may even be better then Chael on the ground Weidman is one of the biggest, but Sonnen was THE biggest. And of course Weidman has better BJJ, but his takedowns, strength, and agressiveness are not on the same level as Sonnen.
  8. So much fail in the OP I don't know where to begin. The fact he compared Weidman with Sonnen just shows how retarded he is. I compared their wrestling skills, seeing as Weidman will have to use his wrestling to have any prayer in winning the fight. Doesn't seem that unreasonable. Maybe learn to read correctly before throwing around terms like "retarded" as to save yourself from future embarrassment.
  9. Alright, for the benefit of everyone I'm going to try to keep this as short as possible. We all know that the ONLY chance anyone has to beat Anderson Silva is if they can take him down and keep him there. Chris Weidman, in essence, is a smaller, weaker, less talented, and less aggressive wrestler than Chael Sonnen, and we all saw how Chael's wrestling worked against Silva in their rematch. Sure, Weidman has better jiu-jitsu and ARGUABLY better striking than Sonnen, but if he doesn't come out with the fearlessness and intensity that Sonnen did he is going to get destroyed. Honestly, Weidman just is not good enough, big enough, or aggressive enough to give Anderson Silva any problems. He doesn't deserve the title shot (he was a no-name before he barely beat a pathetic version of Demian Maia and caught a mediocre and rusty Mark Munoz), he has absolutely 0 name recognition, and he gives Silva absolutely nothing to gain. When Silva walks through him like he does every other contender, Weidman will just go down as "another can put in front of Silva to pad his record". All this fight will do is postpone the type of fights Silva and his camp are looking for: big name/big money fights. This fight will only HURT his legacy, as it will be used as just another example of "how poor Silva's competition is" just because he will make it look so easy. The only positive that will come out of this fight is that it will (momentarily) quiet the ever-present voice of the many Anderson Silva haters as they wait for the next "serious threat" to cling on to.
  10. Bendo is black, he is lucky he even has a job, he should shut his mouth This. Remember when they all used to have jobs? Sure, they didn't get paid, but at least they were working. Ungrateful, is what I call it.
  11. Except they made a women's fight as a PPV main event. I'm not a fan of WMMA at all, but it IS a championship fight (a DEBUT championship fight at that), and if the UFC were to put the debut women's championship fight below a non-title fight, they would risk trivializing the entire division (moreso than it already has been, seeing as it is an obvious cash-grab and only there because of Rousey). Also, the possible backlash from the already-small female demographic would be less-than-ideal for the UFC's image, so their hands were tied.
  12. When they aren't destroyed by injuries they're usually pretty good sure cards look better with no injuries. Haha true enough, but in the past year/year and a half, the UFC has put on some pretty terrible PPVs even when everyone WAS healthy.
  13. I think what this forum REALLY needs is to make the forum poster's name, information, etc. stand out a little more than it currently does, when you're looking at a thread. As it is right now, the only thing that really differentiates the forum poster's name and information from the message that user posted is the font. Maybe change the color of the background around the user's information in a thread to make it more similar to the "old" forum's style.
  14. Taking a look at the upcoming events (and taking a look back at the last 2 or 3 months), I think it is safe to say that the UFC has finally figured out what they are doing in regards to PPVs and free events. If the past 2 months, and the upcoming 4 months, are any indication, the UFC has certainly gotten their act together when it comes to putting together PPV cards. Hopefully the days of lackluster PPVs riding on the coat-tails of a big main event are a thing of the past. If you take a look at all of the upcoming PPVs, not only do they have an awesome main event, but they also have a main-card that makes you want to watch it REGARDLESS of the main-event. Now, all of the fights that used to get pushed on to the main-card despite the fact that they weren't main-card worthy have been moved over to one of the many free events (which also aren't half-bad), and the PPVs are now only being filled with big names. Am I just being overly-optimistic? Or has the UFC finally figured out how to put on justifiable PPV-level events?
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