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  1. i speak romanian lol.. small world. its mean basil in american
  2. ahhh goooodddd. that would be such a sweet fight
  3. this is my last acual post. as im trying to get banned. anyway, wow, what a great fight that would be. paul isnt that big. loves to bang. perfect for kimbo
  4. vasile

    cro cop vs barry?

    ufc 116 right? thats stacked. every name is a big name. even the undercards
  5. to answer your other thing,....some people edit photos, and some dont. i dont. its fake to me if you edit.
  6. pawn? what are you talking about man.. your the one who is lying. i dont remember saying i was a virgin. why do you keep following my threads anyway? your strange. like i said thread closed
  7. whats that photo of it looks computer animated, or heavily edited, something im not into.. im a loser? then so are you. . imo im a winner if ive ever seen one. i dont need to talk myself up, my actions speak for themselves. my photos do all the talking. i didnt start this thread about hitting women, i started this thread because that video is funny as hell and you cant say other wise.
  8. i already posted this redneck. and yea this is the 1000 time someone claimed to have found it
  9. yea true story so what? i dont get it. who hasnt been caught with ****
  10. i dont get it, yea i just saw that photo of a carved rock thing that dosnt mean **** to people. one photo looks like it was taken with a 15 doller walmart camera. which i think is yours. and you got a pro to take the good photo to show it off or whatever the purpose. if your an acual professional photographer why would you have taken a photograph with a **** camera when we all use slrs .
  11. stalk much? and you call me a loser. yea its not a crap pic. its made front page for a maryland eastern shore magazine. your a photographer? where did you get a degree? im talking professional photography.
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