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  1. BUMP Who is ready for history? The People's Champ takes his next step towards the UFC Light Heavyweight Title
  2. Today is the day. The tides have turned.
  3. im sorry bro, you've been on the Tito wagon from the beginning. Today is a good day for Rashad Evans to get his *** kicked.
  4. is exactly^ 95% of forums members could have beaten bader that night? lmao
  5. i know man, ive lost touch with the internet. when he beat bader i thought about you. next step: Rashad thats the greatest picture ever btw ^
  6. http://forums.ufc.production.sparkart.net/showthread.php?t=41714 im sensing a mid 2012 Rampage vs Tito title bout. i've missed these forums oh so much. this has an been an amazing year for MMA. Dana White for president.
  7. Tito's gonna master mister Bader, ya heard?
  8. TLC_MaTcH619

    Best Card Ever

    Velasquez vs Overeem JDS vs Carwin Jon Jones vs Anderson Silva Shogun vs Evans Sonnen vs GSP Jacare vs Maia Penn vs Alves Daley vs Hardy Edgar vs Melendez G-Sot vs Aoki Aldo vs Florian
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