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  1. I'll stick up for 160 even if no one else will. That card will be sick nasty. No doubt it will be entertaining. I think we all plan on watching it, but the fights on 162 are just more competitive. The only possible mismatches on that card is Edgar vs Oliveira and Anderson vs Weidman. I think due to Edgar's lack of power, that fight will be competitive, and closer than people think. Also, Anderson vs Weidman will only be noncompetitive if Weidman can't take Anderson down, but I think he can. That's why I say 162 is better.
  2. After tonight's announced featherweight match-ups for 162, I want to know what holiday weekend fight card in Vegas are you more excited to see this summer? UFC 160, Memorial Day Weekend: HW title rematch: Cain vs Bigfoot 2 JDS vs Mark Hunt Glover Teixeira vs James Te-Huna Gray Maynard vs TJ Grant Donald Cerrone vs KJ Noons UFC 162, July 4th Weekend: MW title fight: Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman Mark Munoz vs Tim Boetsch Korean Zombie vs Ricardo Lamas Frankie Edgar vs Charles Oliveria Cub Swanson vs Dennis Siver Personally, I like 162 better.160 has the bigger names, and I love the JDS/Hunt fight as much as the next guy, but other than that, 160 is just a bunch of mismatches imo. I absolutely love this little featherweight tournament going on at 162. I'm also one of "those guys" that thinks Weidman actually has a shot against Anderson. At least more of a shot than Bigfoot does against Cain anyways. So, what do you think?
  3. If Dana didn't offer him the fight he wouldn't be saying he turned it down. All you bandwagon Hunt fans just can't believe he lied about being "born down." You should be thankful this happened. JDS would beat him like he beat Carwin and Nelson. Hunt is way to slow. I actually like watching him fight, but anyone who thinks he can beat JDS or Cain is just plain stupid.
  4. I think Anderson could make a mockery out of Chris' wrestling, like he did against Yushin. There's really no proof that Weidman is an uber-elite grappler on the level of a Chael Sonnen. The Munoz fight isn't enough proof because we saw Okami also shut his game down, only to look hopeless trying to take Silva to the ground in their rematch. Good point about Munoz vs Okami, but i think the difference is Okami was scared to death in the Anderson fight. Weidman isn't scared. Weidman may not win, but he will get him to the ground at some point.
  5. Overeem's camp said it was a 4 to 5 week injury and he'd be ready to fight in July... Why does the UFC rush into finding replacements for huge fights when they can just wait a ppv or 2. This is why some big fights may never happen. Condit/Rory 2, Vitor/Wandy 2, and those are just recent ones that come to mind. I'm not talking about torn acl's and broken bones, but for minor injuries why not switch it with a big fight from a upcoming ppv. The UFC is about making money. The smartest thing to do in my opinion is push JDS/Overeem back to co-main the July 6 card and find a new co-main for memorial day weekend. Hunt would be a very exciting replacement, but JDS/Overeem would make them much more money.
  6. My thoughts: Weidman has more of a shot than anyone else at 185. He has better striking than Sonnen, but he's not good enough to even consider standing with Anderson, no one is. However, I think Weidman's wrestling is as good, if not better than Sonnen's. I don't think Anderson will stop Weidman's takedowns, and I don't see Weidman getting subbed. I think if Weidman is on top, he has more of a chance to finish this fight than Anderson. I think Weidman is the guy to finally dethrone Anderson.
  7. Thiago wins but it gets overturned due to dirty piss. haha I could really see that happening
  8. Ariel Helwani confirmed this match up on twitter. Interesting fight, who you got? I got Thiago Silva in a close one...
  9. With UFC 160 pretty stacked, Aldo/Pettis supposedly going down August 3rd, and Lil Nog/Shogun and Rashad/Hendo rumored for 161 on June 15 I'm wondering what fights could possibly be made for 162 on July 6. The July 4th fight card is usually stacked. Maybe Wandy's next fight... Ronda's next title defense... Silva/Weidman if Anderson is down. Not a lot of big names available for the card unless someone from 158 or 159 fights again pretty quickly. What are some other possibilities I am missing? I mean for main and co main events, not Koscheck/Lawler type fights.
  10. I believe this is the right time to set this fight up again. Possibly for the July 6 ppv. Hopefully it actually happens this time if it does get set up. I would take Lombard by ko after seeing last weekends fights.. What do you think?
  11. Cain vs Bigfoot 2 JDS vs Overeem Bader vs Glover Cerrone vs Noons Me and my roommate are trying to go to a fight this summer. We love the JDS vs Overeem matchup and like Bader vs Glover, however I am not a big fan of the main event. I don't give Bigfoot much of a chance in this one. My reasons are 1. What happened last time they fought. 2. Cain won't drop his hands and has a much better chin than Overeem... So, what do you guys think about this card so far, and does Bigfoot have more of a chance than I give him? Thanks!
  12. Yes, Pat is definatly the better striker, but Roy has a slight power advantage
  13. Where does Roy Nelson's power rank? This is just in the HW division. My top 5 are: 1. Carwin 2. Overeem 3. JDS, although he clearly has the most lethal hands. 4. Lavar Johnson 5. Roy Nelson What do you guys think? I also think he's approaching the top 5 in the overall rankings in the heavyweight division.
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    ufc 155

    Yep :/ but Jim Miller vs J-Lau could be epic!
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