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  1. Yea was pretty **** to see it end like that! I think Silva will be back for the boxing match with Roy though and it would be a good way to end his career! Also that fight could happen sooner than an mma fight since there would be no kicks
  2. Vitor will be too much especially if the fights in brazil
  3. Not welching Men dont welch Later guys >-
  4. That GnP actually looks really bad. He lands like 2 of 6 shots on a stationary target ) Got the job done though i guess
  5. Sign me up for JDS. Will be different from the last fight, JDS will finish him within 2 rounds! B-)
  6. Really hard fight to call Just hope it happens soon!
  7. Good fight I think Barnett would walk him down standing or just put him against the cage and smash him just like he did to Mir
  8. Haha its who ever lands first and I'm thinking it's gona be Reem
  9. Wasn't his best fight but im happy with him getting the next shot! If not him then who?
  10. He said he learned a lesson from this fight that he was too over confident Expect him to be a bit more allusive and a little less aggressive when he fights for the title
  11. Seeing as its 3 rounds I gota go with Rashad by Dec 5 rounds and it would be Chaels
  12. Yea he was a finisher until the Sera fight changed him, never been the same :| Still the best in his class The Condit fight was his most exciting in a long time so hopefully he moves forward from there P.S Yea he finished Sera in the rematch but nothing much since then
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