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  1. I think what has happened here is an example of how you can use statistics to back up your view, if you have an agenda. Mcmax set out to prove a point but didn't take all of the statistics into account. So when somebody aka Cagerattler calls him out on it he is desperately unprepared for the response. Interesting
  2. Book it Dana. I bet Cormier wouldn't take the fight though.
  3. Whittaker throwing 4 punches a round against a walking punch bag. Really **** performance from both of them. Cost me money. Not the only one though, chocolatito cost me KO money too
  4. Whittaker and Natal should both be cut. No intensity in this fight whatsoever
  5. Refs really need to notice when people get ****ed in the eyes...fili got merked because of it
  6. if Sergio gets KO'd again and costs me my bet by way of Anthony being too rustled to KO CANboza, Dana White finna get my boot.
  7. Really enjoyed that fight. Danny lost but despite it being entertaining I found Steele hanging on at the end like a 7 year old girl clinging to her doll quite frustrating. Still, really good fight.
  8. Its almost like the UFC read these pages; saw the ridiculous **** the "scrap pack" were saying about Matt Brown and decided to put him against guys who throw punches back... I will say this again, just like I did years ago and slap down the scrap pack with facts.... Matt Brown is a can. Maia is going to squeeze the blood from Matts head...tappety tap the junkies crap
  9. decent fight. Poirier would get Michael Johnson if it were up to me. Duffy would get Jim Miller.
  10. Was a fantastic fight Duffy vs Poirier. I wasn't thrilled with Dustins tactics once he realised Duffy had no takedown defence but it is what it is. Big fight coming next for Dustin and Duffy can come again.
  11. rain_wizard

    Faber and Edgar

    You were saying?
  12. The least I want from a title challenger is that they have the ability to win. Taking that into consideration I don't care if Bader is on a 10 fight winning streak and Rashad|Gus| Machida are coming off losses...they are the better fighters. period. I don't want to see a circus job which it would be if Bader got a title shot.
  13. If Bader gets a title shot, i'll retire from watching this organisation. He got a gift against Davis to put him in this position. OSP would kill him in a rematch you would suspect. Honestly, Bader is an awful fighter.
  14. lol. Anik at it again. I'm going to brutally KO him if he carries on declaring every winner a 'contender'
  15. hmmm... I think it will be Khan because Khan is well known back in England and will bring in some strong PPV. I also believe it will be due to Khan being the least likely fighter to beat Mayweather. Other options include Cotto. Its doable, and a big money spinner. Also, sellable since that first fight was competitive despite what boxing pundits would have you believe! Golovkin would be by far the riskiest fight with the least reward. This fight will never happen. Risk/Reward doesn't add up for Floyd. Canelo rematch is also possible because of the money on the line, despite the 1 sided nature of their first contest.
  16. 'pick me pick me', you guys are no better than the ****s who go to the press conferences and beg to get into the event. NO, get a job, buy your own ticket you bunch of welfare hogging ****es Thanks
  17. Those guys, BEGGING for tickets on page 2 make me laugh. Have some self respect you bunch of cretins. I'd stamp you out.
  18. rain_wizard

    Faber and Edgar

    In my opinion this is a bigger mismatch than Mcgregor vs Siver. Frankie is a p4p top 10 fighter (atleast), and Urijah Faver is, well, Urijah Faber. Nowhere near the level of 'the answer'.
  19. 'There is a new featherweight with which to contend'- Anik. Did jon watch the fight? The guy got merked for 2 and a half rounds lol! Good finish, but it was a fluke.
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