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  1. oznatividad

    DC vs. Werdum

    You knew MMA? You knew DC is HW grandprix winner where werdum is a participant. Read between the lines.
  2. oznatividad

    DC vs. Werdum

    it's the other way around..
  3. oznatividad

    DC vs. Werdum

    DC can take out werdum and be the HW & LHW champ at the same time.
  4. Nobody can beat Cain Velasquez in the HW Nobody can beat Jone Jones in the LHW Nobody can beat Anderson Silva in the MW Nobody can beat GSP in the WW... they will retire as champions... I have seen this, i came from the future. Bwhahahahaha...
  5. spider silva vs. bones jones is the best mma fight that you will ever see. let's face it, no one can outclass anderson silva at the mw and he has proven much as a lhw. on the other hand for jones, he was tested & he eaned it. putting other fighters for him is a waste of time. watching the spider vs. bones is like watching a video game. with the kicks, & a spin, & flying... come on. it's time... let's get it on... let's do it.
  6. Come on every1, i've said this before... there's no other oponent for jonny bones as of the moment that the spider silva. silva vs. gsp is a no match. we've seen gsp ko'd by serra. what will happend if that kungfu kick crash gsp's face. while jones vs. rashad is a little more interesting if rashad lands a lucky punch like the one hit liddel. but that's imposible. spider vs. bones is the best mma fight you will ever see. it's a battle of class vs. technique. to those who didn't believe... be a believer now- phil.4:13
  7. Amen to that! don't under estimate the power of Phils. 4:13
  8. jones is very good in taking down his oppenents. that's what he's going to do against rua. trust me, there's no other worthy oponent for jones now but anderson silva.
  9. should bones pass against shogun... and after spider's spectacular win over the phenom. would it be great to see them fight?
  10. even you can ko bisping .he doesn't have the chin. if he gets caught by rivera's power punch, then sweet dreams for him.
  11. If every1 think GSP can control the spider on the ground, it's not gonna happened. silva is very good in keeping his oppnent to distance. watch silva vs. mia. GSP is not as big as sonnen to take silva down. we're looking for a 5" height advantage for silva here, how much more the reach. the more exciting fight for the spider here is vs. the bones (if he passes against the darth). everything is virtually identical... the height, stand-up, ground (wrestling vs. bjj). can't wait to see this.
  12. now you're using your brain. that's where you can use your mmamath. look at the stats & you'll figure it out later who's the better fighter of the 2. but in the end it's the octagon who will say who is who.
  13. well said... but overpowering bonar & hamil is kinda big credit to mma. (if you know these guys)
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