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  1. Yes... If he was just losing via submissions or decisions where he wasn't taking too much damage I would say he still has time to reinvent himself but as you point out, he's been ko'd 5 times in his last 6 fights. The chin is gone, and clearly at this point he's just piling on brain damage. He's nowhere near a title shot, the road for him to get to that point is so blurry you might as well say it doesn't exist. And it's clear that he has persistent concussion damage. I mean how else would a guy go from having the run that he had to getting ko'd 5 times out of 6 fights. You look at his record and it's a classic case of a guy who didn't recover from a ko, whether physically or mentally. You don't go from all W to all L without something having broken along the way. The guy needs to get out of there before he starts drooling.
  2. Makes you wonder why they even use drug tests. Thinking they could just use experts like yourself who can tell who's roiding by simply looking at their gut. Wonder why nobody's thought of that.
  3. The UFC is pretty consistent at becoming more and more of a joke. I find it hard to care anymore. They're not even trying to claim the're putting the best against the best anymore. They cover drug cheats, manufacture "historic" events and rendered the belts meaningless. Sure. Have this clown fight yet again for a belt he will refuse to defend if he wins it.
  4. Tbh i'm still trying to figure out what's going on exactly with this fight. So fighters undergo mandatory drug testing. Then if they fail... The UFC moves the event some place else and what... The fighr still happens as if the test didn't happen? I mean i don't quite get it. There might be something i'm missing? Did he officially test positive or was it just some test data that leaked out without a definitive result? If so why is the UFC moving the event? Cuz if the way it looks from my uninformed perspective is that Jones tested positive and wasn't gonna get approved to figtht, so they moved it to another jurisdiction where he has no positive test so he can still compete despite having tested positive? If that's what it is it's a ****ing scandal seriously.
  5. Criminal who evaded fair justice for a rather sordid crime (hit and run, fleeing the scene of a car accident he caused while intoxicated while leaving a pregnant woman behind) because he's rich and famous. Drug cheat caught multiple times and apparently as clueless about having done something wrong as this retarded kid Brock Turner was about banging a passed out-drunk chick behind a dumpster. I mean just read his statement from the latest debacle. Like "aight, I got caught with that illegal substance in my body, but it was virtually cycled off. So I basically got wronged because it was almost out at that point and so while they detected it, barely, they should've gave me a pass because I almost managed to fly under the radar". Guy's an ****. That's all there is to it. It's not even a matter of hating the guy. It's just an observation of fact.
  6. to take a look back at what he had been doing lately. Apparently nothing. But I saw this: Somehow I have the feeling that someone in here should be credited with that.
  7. Well I mean... I don't know. Are people interested in this? I know this sucks but fact is I find it really hard to get interested in fights happening between guys who have the size I had when I was like 12-13 yrs old. Like come on... And I was freagin small and frail. 5 ft3.. I don't know a single man that's this small. Not one. I **** you not. I do not know a single man that is 5ft 3 or smaller. Granted I happen not to know any midget. But still.. (well actually there is one at my work, but he IS a midget). For some odd reason though, I find it more interesting to watch women of similar weight fight than watching the men's flyweight division. Guess that's because a 125 lbs athletic woman is much more competitive compared to every women. Like they don't represent some low end of the population's distribution. Which means that they legit represent the top of the competition among women in the world. Men's flyweights represent such a small subset of men's population, let alone athletes in full contact sports, that I find anything that goes on there to be completely meaningless.
  8. I'll take "mauling" to mean a long drawn out one sided destruction, as opposed to a rather quick domination and finish. The one that comes to my mind in those terms is Velasquez vs Dos Santos 3 (well.. 2 and 3 i'd say). I felt quite bad for JDS watching this.
  9. Lol reading that post you'd think the guy was actually doing good overall, and that the loss was due to just a few specific mistakes and bad calls during the fight. He got dominated the entire fight and got finished.
  10. It's hard to comprehend that someone can be so stupid that they can't register some basic facts like that GSP fought at MW as a WW taking a fight above his natural weight class when 95% of his career happened at WW while Silva is a MW who's fought at LHE four times. Or do you think BJ Penn was ecer a true 225er? I guess you also missed the part where Silva challenges a guy 2 weightclasses below his own to fight at a catchweight 5 lbs below his own but 25lbs abovethat of the guy he's calling out? Which is, to anyone with a brain that works, vastly different than proposing to actually make the weight of the guy's division.
  11. Omg dude destroyed McGregor same day he had seizures what a goat.
  12. I don't quite see how Silva calling for a "catchweight" fight at 180 against a former 145er is comparable to GSP apparently cutting all the way down to 155, the division just below his own to get a fight with 155er.
  13. As far as I know all the lawsuits mentions is loss of opportunities. Whether this specific opportunity was lost is debatable but quite obviously the time off and inability to fight on that card was a setback for his careerr. That he made frivolous claims about how much this incident cost him doesn't mean that this is the sole foundation of this lawsuit.
  14. How's it frivolous? Your hero McGregor engaged in criminal conduct and injured people, costing them money. totally appropriate lawsuit.
  15. He's actually a great title holder. He's focused on fighting and doesn't degrade the sport by turning it into cheap WWE bull**** and making it about his bank account every chance he gets. His actions after the fight were bad but Conor's been praised as a marketing god for doing pretty much the same thing or worse. Dude is the type of champion this sport needs. The UFC should manage the promotion and hype. That's their job, as fight promoters.
  16. on what basis does he deserve a rematch? Khabib is the champ. To deserve a rematch he must deserve a title shot. McGregor's situation right now is that he's been refusing to defend his belts until he got stripped. When he finally came back he was offered a straight shot at the belt he refused to defend and got completely dominated. Think he should have a long way ahead of him before getting that shot again. Of course, that's probably not how it's gonna play out.
  17. I don't care much what you think Irish in general tend to do. I'm talking about the one i'm responding to. And the picture is quite clear. "Alright my hero lost but it's only because he's been pinned against some new force of nature". Fact is, everyone (exclude fanboyz) always said that Conor would get smashed by top grapplers. Khabib been sitting in this division undefeated for this whole time McGregor was fast-tracked to the title and could've always smooshed him from day one. That's what this posts is attempting to dodge: mcgregor was never the legit champ in this div, his dual belts achievement is complete makebelieve and that's got nothing to do with him having supposedly aged 10 years in 2 and now being over the hill. What we saw this weekend is the state oofMcGregor's skills and physical condition in what is actually his prime.
  18. Oh i completely agree with you my point is just that conor getting torched in this fight wasn't just the result of poor preparation or gameplanning which could be significantly improved between now and an instant rematch as OP seems to suggest, but the result of Khabib being an all around much better fighter than Conor.
  19. Copig mechanisms... I don't see two conclusions, I see two ways you've managed to warp reality to make the definite loss of your hero a bit more bearable. 1- let's now turn khabib into the next best thing of all time. 2- it's not the same Conor that I used to idolize. None of which are backed by evidence, especially the second one, unless you're into circular thinking.
  20. Doesn't matter if he knew khabib would grapple. Point is the threat of takedowns took his attention off the striking which allowed Khabib to outstrike him.
  21. This would suggest that Conor and hos entire team are retarted. Which I don't think is true. McGregor didn't get hit because he wasn't ready he got his because he was thrown off his game by khabib's wrestling. Same as when Anderson Silva got knocked down by Chael "Pillow Fists" Sonnen. That's just typical. Superior strikers getting outstruck by grapplers because they're worrying about the takedowns. In other words Conir lost because khabib is a way better fighter.
  22. Won a round in a fight that didn't go to decision. How impressive. A true legend. How would he get a fight at an interim belt whe he's just coming off a loss.
  23. I think it's the last ditch effort of a clown who knows his only chance at retaining any kind of credibility for his own brand is to get that rematch and win it. Even if he would probably get mauled the exact same way again. Conor is hoping to get a rematch (which, you'll notice, would be two losses in a row that he's given a chance to avenge right away even as it disturbs the course for a division's title) because it gives him another roll of the dice on his puncher's chance. I mean just think about it. What's the future of McGregor's character after a devastating loss like that? Play it like Sonnen? Just act clownish during fight promotion and hope that the sheer entertainment value of your trash talk will carry the sales even though nobody believes you can back it up anymore? His only way out of the ridicule is to get to avenge that loss. At this point since leaving the FW division (to which he probably can't cut anymore), McGregor is 2-2, and 0-1 in boxing. That means since he left his FW belt undefended to go on his trips, people have seen him lose more often than win. How much longer do you think his arrogant antics can carry him.
  24. "We lots the match but won the battle" -Conor McGregor. Whatever the **** that means. Which battle? The guy got dominated for 4 rounds until he all but gave up his neck demanding mercy.
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