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  1. Exactly barely anything to gain and everything to lose.
  2. Is it really worth the risk? Chael is a challenging fight and could be able to out wrestle him. Not saying he would but there is a possibility
  3. Honestly if you were Jon Jones would you take that fight? Chael does not deserve the shot at all.
  4. Does anybody know if ufc 3 will be able to purchase threw xbox live?
  5. rickyjonnylo

    What fighter am I

    nvm probally not vitor missed the last part
  6. rickyjonnylo

    What fighter am I

    You are vitor belfort
  7. Just wondering if anyone made a decent amount of coin on the silva vs fedor fight;)
  8. rickyjonnylo

    Ufc Fantasy

    Is anybody else having problems getting to the ufc fantasy page where you make the picks?
  9. Does anybody think this fight will happen at ufc 129. I am not sure how long it takes for the tuf show to finish but if the timing is right that would be pretty sick!
  10. rickyjonnylo

    Ufc 124 PPV

    Does anyone know if I can order the event after 10:00 or will I be denied?
  11. So everybody on this forum is saying that BJ Penn is fighting Jon Fitch at ufc 127. But isn't Jon Fitch fighting Jake Ellenberger on the ufc 126 card? And now I'm left confused.:confused:
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