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  1. Just dropping in to say whats up to the OG homies. First card I've watched in a while, the time finally hasn't conflicted with work hours or getting a sitter for the kids. Must say I'm glad I got to watch this card, pretty good day of fights. Hope everyone is staying safe and happy. One love.
  2. Haha how ya and everyone been? Covid got me on lockdown and bored plus as I said I have a master's degree in DUI and police BS so I figured why not chime in on this one. I primarily posted/modded on here while I worked a different job where I sat at a computer most the day waiting to sell beer to customers and while I was on house arrest so maybe this covid quarantine is bringing back memories of virtual interaction lol. Hope anyone that sees this that I used to interact with is doing well and killing it.
  3. Sadly this could be true. As someone who has had multiple arrests/DUIs(not proud of that) money is really the only thing that it effects for alcoholics that aren't famous or rich. I have cleaned up my act and started a family and put that **** behind me(not the drinking but the drinking and driving) but it was solely because I already spent at least 25k on lawyers court costs, jail, house arrest, parole etc. If I get arrested again I will do 5 years and 20k fines minimum because of my record. Mix that with having a family certainly changed my priorities, I wish it did for jon. A co worker I work with has 6 DUIs and is on parole and blows hot almost every other week to his PO but they just add 3k onto his fines every time and dont lock him up because he is worth more to them out working and racking up fines. Long story short it's all about money and the people that have it dont feel the consequences of a dui like someone like myself who isn't broke by any means but doesn't have 3 to 10k laying around to pay it off and brush it under the rug. I do know courts are getting very strict with DUI now and the 3rd is usually the one they throw the book at you for(especially if they are all in the high tier which is above a .17 which all of mine were) it always interests me to see how celebs get treated since I been through it all and it was a terrible experience for 10 years of my life because I couldn't get out of the system and kept messing up and compounding charges.
  4. Hey buddy, hope you are doing well. Wish I had more time to stop in and chat like the old days but I am living that family life and the kid and work keep me busy. Been stopping in after fight weekends for some laughs and updates.
  5. Even after this long I knew this thread would be bumped when Jones popped up on my news feed lol I dunno if it's sad or hilarious this thread was the first thing that popped into my mind..
  6. Even I had to comeback to see se good old fashion butthurt.
  7. 83k prolly thought they were showing up to watch a nfl team play "soccer" lol "what the **** is this sport certainly not football"
  8. lol people still care about this stuff? people are gonna die and get beheaded...deal with it n live ur life like ur going to anyway quit talking bout this stupid **** like what u say matters...this applies for all religion and politics...stop caring u dont make a difference
  9. U can measure the amount yes but that is all stored in body fat...I imagine he was a regular smoker (wouldnt make sense for a non smoker to indulge before an important race ie "I dont smoke but maybe ill do it before work" doesnt make sense) u can pretty much only tell how much they smoke or if they have smoked more or less then ur last test not if ur high at that moment in time
  10. Im not saying that at all im saying u cant confirm he was in fact impaired during the accident and they are using this as a scapegoat. Of course ur impaired thats the point but u cant blame weed for peoples actions when there is potential it had no effect on the accident I just hate how we blame weed for peoples actions...dont charge stewart **** happens in racing but don't blame weed ward got out his car dangerously cuz he was furious not high
  11. Lol right... stewart puts him in the wall then runs him over n they blame weed...its almost funny... nascar should start running the commercial from harold n kumar
  12. Oh and side note ive been higher than high seen people higher than high n never once thought I can prolly walk in front of a race car and wont get hurt...for anyone who hasnt been high u dont lose common sense or suddenly become mentally retarded not much changes judgement wise like it does with alcohol
  13. There is no way to tell he was high at the time of the accident...as everyone already knows thc stays in ur system a substantial amount of time after the effects (highness) has faded away...and everyone is different some people I know drive better when high some drive worse some wont drive at all that all applies to work n whatever else u do or dont do high. Id imagine someone who is at that level of competition is well aware of what he is capable of doing before during and after a race...long story short weed is the scapegoat for one of nascars poster boys
  14. Usually only eat breakfast after last call at the bar n we hit the diner...when ur hammered at 3am all breakfast food is amazing
  15. For 40k+ id be driving a nsx either built or turbo n built...but to each their own
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