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  1. I thought Dana was always criticizing fighters for waiting to fight? Ronda herself said she wouldn't be eating apples for 6 months....he claims Ronda is a close friend....seems like he is kind of full if it!!
  2. Rockhold will hurt Weidman early and bad...Weidman will survive and come back to almost finish Luke late....will be one judge for Rockhold, one judge for Weidman and one judge for a draw
  3. Not sure if I buy this, but it explains everyone like Chael, Conor..etc...saying they have sources telling them Aldo is going to pull out of the fight. Of course now if he DOES pull out, he is going to look pretty bad. http://www.mmafighting.com/2015/11/21/9764878/jose-aldo-going-after-snitch-thats-leaking-information-to-media
  4. it wasn't very logical.....if this was a Bellator lawsuit....they would have been all over it as soon as the announcement was made.....just shows two things....1. maybe they are right about the UFC creating an unfair market...and 2. The intelligence level of wannabe mma trolls....
  5. They are always pretty money on being on top of all the happenings in MMA. Made me wonder who owns the website as to why they are not reporting on the lawsuit.
  6. check mmamania.com for Barao's excuse...claims hit hit head after he stood up too quick....
  7. I just think Jones is young and arrogant, and doesn't see the give and take of his talent and the UFC's promotion machine well as it's been said, paragraphs help.. I don't mind reading long posts as I make pretty long posts myself but a giant wall of text sometimes sucks.. anyways.. I think you're right but I think this all comes down to Jones just NOT being a company man. That he would deal fights and stuff I can accept sometimes.. Like for when he was refusing to fight Sonnen. I mean seriously IMO this whole thing of giving away championship fights based on twitter ****ing has been getting out of control and is a disgrace to the sport. I was happy that someone would actually stand up and put an end to it. Unfortunately that didn't last long.. But I would expect a champ to seek challenges.. I could see a champ refuse a fight on the basis that the fight doesn't make sense, meaning that the challenger offers him no gain at all, no new challenge, no potential gain in notoriety, while being a golden opportunity to the challenger. In the best scenarios, a championship fight should happen when a fighter has been impressive enough that lots of people are starting to doubt who the real better man is. But throwing some unknown dude who's on a 2 KO streak to the champ on the basis of instantaneous hype is both bad for the champ AND for the organization. The promotion should just be protecting their high profile figures from potential flukes as much as possible.. and that means ensuring that the champs and top guys aren't exposed to undeserving "punchers chance" fiascos that will then lose the belt to the next guy and go on a 3 loss streak. BUT... the problem seems to be more that Jones doesn't give a **** about the UFC's interest, gets a DUI after being the first fighter to ever be directly sponsored by the UFC, is unapologetic, and effectively ducks the rematch with Gus... Being a young dominant fighter IMO he should be willing to prove himself by setting the record straight with Gus as soon as possible... at least that's what I'd believe.. I mean you can't start worrying a bout your legacy and **** when you're like 25.... is he gonna avoid challenge for the coming 7-8 years? IMO Jones won against Gus.. but I think there's definitely enough debate around that to justify a rematch.. I still don't think it was too much to ask of Gus that he wins another fight before getting a shot but if this **** up and he's available what the hell. Just let him has his shot already.
  8. " and Dana White plays off this time and time again by publicly "calling fighters out" by attacking their ego's. " And you rip Jones for not letting Sonnen step in at the last minute? WTF does Jones owe an organization that will throw him under the bus whenever it suits them? DId DC do Dana a huge personal favour by fighting a coffee shop boy in order to "save" an event? You need to grow up. I agree...I don't really see what Jones owed the UFC...it's just a company, it's not his family or anything. People in America too often act like work is life. its a BILLION dollar company that puts MILLIONs of dollars into promoting their fighters.....even ones who crash the Bentleys they were gIVEN into poles while driving drunk....but not fighters who think they are bigger than the company.....like Jon Jones
  9. " and Dana White plays off this time and time again by publicly "calling fighters out" by attacking their ego's. " And you rip Jones for not letting Sonnen step in at the last minute? WTF does Jones owe an organization that will throw him under the bus whenever it suits them? DId DC do Dana a huge personal favour by fighting a coffee shop boy in order to "save" an event? You need to grow up. Lets look at reality, the same organization that stood by their champ after he wrecked his NEW BENTLEY they bought him while drunk driving, they completely supported him....Dan hendo got HURT, they asked Machida and Shogun to step up to SAVE THE EVENT, they refused....Chael agreed to take a fight against the best guy in the world to save the main event on like 10 days notice.....ID THROW HIM UNDER THE BUS TOO after doing all that **** for him and having him refuse to fight.......
  10. From the beginning, the UFC took very special care of Jon Jones in a very different way than prospects from the UFC past. We had all seen the case of young fighters with potential skill and marketability lose quite a bit of their luster by being "thrown to the wolves" so to speak. For the first time, the UFC was trying to learn from their mistakes. They obviously saw the potential in Jones being a young, black fighter with a unique style that could be one of the "next" superstars. They carefully built him up by giving him matches that were just a bit of a step-up in competetition (Bonnar, Vera, the janitor etc.) Jon was always very humble for a young fighter on camera, and I think people wanted to see him get that chance because lets face it, he did earn it and he couldn't control rashad getting hurt. BUT....................... after Jones won the belt, we began to see a much different side of Jones, perhaps brought out by the verbal assault Rashad laid on jOn during the build up to their fight. I don't know if he had the wrong people whispering in his ear, but all the sudden we started hearing words come out of Jones mouth like (I DONT KNOW IF THAT WOULD BE GOOD FOR MY BRAND) and (I refuse to sign "fake" championship belts, I worked real hard to get mine) and THEN....he refused to fight Chael on short notice forcing UFC to cancel an event for the first time and lose money. THAT really stung Dana and Lorenzo. They had been so careful to build this guy, promote this guy and put him in position to be the new face of the company....they completely stuck by him during "THE POLE" incident, and now he was pretty much putting himself before the company that helped make him and caused them to lose money and maybe more importantly lose face. Jones NEVER apologized or "learned" from that mistake and in fact, began to be even more drunk with power with the idea that HE has a say in who he fights. It has lost him ALOT of fans who not only stopped being fans, but become haters of his arrogant "me-first" attitude. I completely understand why the UFC has stopped promoting Jones. They want him to see that there is more to his story than just being a talented fighter. Then GUSTAFFSON happened. Jones not only got his first real test, in my opinion he got beat convincingly, most fans agree but more importantly BONES KNOWS. He immediately began to make excuses for them not to fight immediately. Then scoffed at the idea that the uFC wanted to make the match-up by saying that Manuwa replacing Little Nog meant that the "UFC Really must want this rematch". Doesn't Jon want it??? He completely ripped texeira as an opponent, but then all the sudden flip-flopped when not fighting texeira meant Gustaffson would get his rematch. Now Gus should fight DC, and kill off potential PPV fights for the champion....its like they are both dangerous and Jones would rather fight 1 than both of them. In conclusion, fans are a sucker for the truth, and Dana White plays off this time and time again by publicly "calling fighters out" by attacking their ego's. Jon is trying to play matchmaker. Fans HATE that and here is why. The champ doesn't pick his opponents because OBVIOUSLY he is biased, a REAL champ simply believes in his heart that he is the best and will beat anyone so he will fight ALL comers the uFC puts in front of them. GSP as strategic as he is...NEVER ducked an opponent, MAtt Hughes never ducked anyone, Liddell, Shogun, Silva, BJ Penn etc....If UFC were my business I would stop promoting Jones too. Jones has created a situation where him having the belt is hurting the UFC and that's just not a smart move when the reality is, Dana and the UFC do hold ALL the marbles. Jones commented on their lack of support by commenting on their promotion of Rousey. Ironically he should look at the differences in Ronda's handling of her situation with UFC and his handling of it.
  11. out of his last 5 losses in the UFC, 4 of them were 1st round Ko's or TKO's.....I don't think Barry ever evolved his game or learned from his losses....just thought it was a little inaccurate for him to make it sound like UFC wouldn't put him against strikers
  12. so just to keep this short....Carwin is already "angling" for a rematch with lesnar on twitter....I am of the camp that believes their first fight was fixed....if they do this fight again Im calling that the fix is in again...I hope Lesnar is the under dog so I can make a little extra cash betting on him to win
  13. hmmkm...interesting...since Silva did the same thing to Weidman in the first fight....is this a sign of Weidman's ascension to the middleweight throne? Or is this a sign of a young over-confident fighter about to experience his first loss in devastating fashion?
  14. yeah also funny that its in Portuguese so he probably thought it wouldn't get back to the states
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