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  1. Maybe true for some.. but not for me at all. I never liked Hendricks, and the truth behind it is that I just didn't like him flat out lol, I never even thought he would get a title shot to be honest.
  2. Big fan of GSP, and a big fan of Lawler.. GSP catches all this flack like he stalls fights and lays on his opponents but in reality he is always working and improving position whether its standing or on the ground.. what Hendricks was doing was literally stalling and catching his breath so the only thing i agree with is that Hendricks was holding on for dear life.
  3. lmao i was thinking the same thing, i had no idea if Lawler was saving energy, or just drew a blank for 5 minutes.
  4. Lawler won 1 4 and 5 the 49-46 was stupid but lawler won the fight.. imagine hendricks winning this fight? i wonder what Dana would of said.. its about damage right? lol
  5. So happy he Lawler won.. Hendricks was being such a **** ! The end of the fight was insane lol
  6. Lawler won hahahah ! you look so stupid
  7. same picks for me.. Lawler, Pettis, and Schaub Lawler round 4 TKO Pettis round 2 KO Schaub round 1 KO Im confident my picks will win.. not so confident on how and when but if I had to pick that's what I feel is going to happen cheers guys, should be a good event !
  8. hahahaha hohohoho hahahahaha !!!
  9. Sick! i love billy madison.. im watching "The Wedding Singer" right now haha, old school Sandler at his best.
  10. Don't be talking about me when you're backing up some random dude you don't even know on the internet. I know that being on this forum is important to you and your friends on here are the best you ever had so I wont be the cyber bully and just drop it.
  11. Sweet ! Your house is probably flagged with a rainbow indicating your sexual orientation.
  12. False.. I simply mentioned that saying whether a fighter is exciting or not is opinion based and that no one cares what Patster's opinion is. Then someone said that Hendricks vs Lawler was more entertaining then GSP's career, and I simply said that IN MY OPINION, GSP vs Fitch was arguably one of the most entertaining fights ever. Cognitive dissonance does not exist here.
  13. It's so funny how no one gives notice to GSP vs Fitch.. IMO it is arguably one of the most entertaining fights ever.
  14. If you don't think GSP is a technical fighter your seriously a moron. It doesn't matter the likes and support you receive on this forum. Any mixed martial arts fighter will tell you that GSP is a technical fighter and one of the best at that. As for exciting.. that's more of an opinion than a fact so if you don't think he's exciting to watch then whoop dee doo Patster, noone gives a **** lol.
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