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  1. jones via tko round 3. machida dont stand a chance anywhere this fight goes.
  2. If Tony wins this season, I'll be pretty disappointed. I felt the same about Chuck before the show, but right now anyone but Tony will be good.
  3. Wiggs905

    Phan vs. Brown

    A healthy and mentally focused Mike Brown should steamroll Nam Phan. If he can?t beat Phan, it is time to give up all hope of him returning to form.
  4. Why does Dan Hardy still have a job? His 2 biggest wins are both split decisions over Marcus Davis and Akihiro Gono. He's had 1 finish in the UFC, yet he's this exciting fighter. Hopefully, Lytle can send this guy to Bamma. So I won't have to look at that stupid mohawk.
  5. This totally goes against the best part of having these guys on Twitter. The best part is that they are genuine and seem to want to talk to the fans, now your going to have guys put on the "fake smile" so to speak and be nice to people and reply to them because they get paid for it? And how do we know it won't just be someone else tweeting all the time for it? Takes the soul out of it in my opinion really. Expect a ton of twitter spam in the near future and begging from fighters for them to be followed just cause they want to get paid. Way to bastardize the system.
  6. No, his business was to be in shape to fight Thiago, not be Dana's whipping boy in case tragedy strikes in his title fight. Getting real tired of people calling out Rampage for not enjoying his life, when he has a signed contract to honor already. I would complain if it's 3 weeks away from his fight that's been on the books for 3 months and he's still 250lbs though
  7. I personally don't like this match-up at all. No one has ever and will ever beat Anderson on his feet. He lost a split decision in his first mma match, lost twice by submission, and his last by dq for an illegal up kick. Vitor is a great stricker with a lot of speed and power but no one has Andersons accuracy, speed, power, and versatility with hands, knees, and kicks. Its just not going to happen.
  8. I don't want to see Couture go by the way of Favre, Retire Randy. You already are legendary
  9. When Mir isn't winning, he usually is getting knocked out... And i dont see him winning this fight, so.. yeah
  10. Disrespecting someone in the octagon and wanting to teach someone a lesson are two different things. As if it wasn?t bad enough that, Vera was losing, and he knew he would get cut, and in sure he was in pain, but to have someone make a joke of you in the ring is very disrespectful. I don?t see how jones wanting fight silva is anything similar to playing bongos on your opponents back during a fight. Granted it?s funny for spectators to watch, but amongst fighters you?d think there would be a certain level of respect.
  11. Wow, the dude went from almost shocking the world to don't drop the soap. Wonder what the Sonnen soundbite to this one will be. Would love to see Wanderlei get his hands on this moron, though since i won't see it for awhile, He ran his mouth, cheated, and still lost. I don't see why people like him so much
  12. I heard they were having Tuf13 tryout in Vegas? If so when? .... Im a white belt in jiu jitsu and punch like a monkey... How will I make it on the team??? Easy poop in someones glass, throw a pie, the classic bucket of water above the door, hide somebody's flip flops, you know all the good stuff that makes a real fighter...
  13. Kos is Fu*ked! That little speech Kos gave after he grabbed the guy's face was so full of sh*t. How can he really believe GSP hired Tate just to get under his skin? The guy has to be retarded. And to be honest Dane completely went schoolgirl and for a second I thought he was going to cry.
  14. Wiggs905

    Jardine and Hamill

    Dean gets in some wars and got fight of the night. He can still fight top competition things just haven't gone his way. I hope he gets another chance.
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