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  1. damnnnn 25 times, i musta been really close at one poin in my fighters career how did u find this out, because i was never able to find out how?
  2. this may sound stupid to all of you and it might make me sound lik a new fan or something, but im damn good at the game though my question is though- how do u unlock camp logos in Career mode??? i thought at first it was the same as last time jus keep going there until they give it to u, now ive made 5 career made fighters and not a single camp logo. my last career i jus went to the same camp and learned only wat they could teach me there and still no logo anybody have the answer?
  3. THIS SUXSS silva had to pull outta the fight with Akiyama due to fractured ribs Akiyama is still goin to be fighting against an unknown opponent. but damnnnnn i was rreally lookin forward to seein Silva fight again. who else thinks this sux but i do mean well, i hole Wanderlei gets better soon, man he gets way to many injuries for our sake.
  4. Why the **** does kimbo get cut after only one loss!!!!! I thoguth tht was some complete bul****!!
  5. Jason Mahem Miller- dude is one of the most charasmatic guys Nick Diaz- big **** diaz brothers fan (in fact i think if those 2 [nick and miller]were signed to the ufc, theyd make a great headliner for a Fight Night, and co-main even in a payper view huh?) Fedor- because i dont think he's as good as he's hyped up to be Bobby Lashley- cause he looks lik he could F**K sombody up easy Karo- cause he did excilent in the ufc losin only 3 out of 11 fights in the promotion, evn though he had a poorer attendance record and Melvin Manhoef- guy looks he could get some highlight reel knowckouts
  6. For me it was watching anderson silva the first ever ppv i watched for the ufc was the one where anderson defended his title against Dan Henderson its funny thinkin back i didnt know jus how great anderson was until researching him after watchin that fight So basically Andersosilva got m ito mma havent issed a ppv since ufc 97
  7. Yo i been watchin Hughes for like ever, so i have to be rootin for him come saturday night but im really intersted in watchin a Gracie fight again i love the Jiu Jitsu game and all the respect goes to the Gracies, i jus wonder wat kind of gameplan Renzo has goin into this fight , since we all remember Royce got dominated by Matt on the ground when the fought, im jus wonderin wat it is the Renzo will try to do different, or even if he's gonna try anything different anyways who u guys think is gonna win between these 2?
  8. Frankie is an excellent fighter, and ima be rootin for him at 112, but if i were to look at this fight from afar ur first instinct is, damn Frankie is hella small compared to BJ. Now i know Frankies beatin bigger guys before like sean sherk, but if u look at his fights in the UFC, he's always as tall or only short an inch when he's fought, in fact Penn will probably be his tallest, biggest opponent, BJ's stand up is awsome, as well, if nt better, is his ground game. im still tryin to figurte wat Frankies game plan will be, but maybe thts a good thing, and maybe BJ doesnt know it either. watchu guys think will BJ jus bully Frankie around with his size?
  9. thinking about how this is tottally a stiker vs grapplere fight, it reminded me of the extremly boring fight between Anderson and Thales about a year back. i watched tht fight and Anderwson pussied out of fighting him on the ground for the entire fight. Do you think he might pull the same stunt this time around?
  10. UFC 112 main event looks excitiing, no doubt, even though everyones bummed we wont get to see Vitor/Silva fight, demian Maia still presents a serious challenge in my mind. Im a practitioner of BJJ myself so in some ways i do see Damian pulling off an upset, But damn is that gonna be hard to pull off. As Dana put it "the best challenge to throw at Silva is someone with a nasty **** ground game, which Maia certainly posses. Im a fan of both these fighters so it is really hard for me to pick side, so ill jus leave it up to fight night, but knowin Silva, he'll probably end up knockin another fighter the **** up What do you guys think and what do you think of the other fights in the night?
  11. Whateeeevvverr, Thiago would **** Jons up, Thiago would be smart enough after losing to a wrestler in Rashad to study up on that ****, and he'd keep the fight close so tht Jon's couldnt take advantage of his reach and Thiago could knock him out easier that way. hey you are right though, this would definetly make a fun fight to watch
  12. Fedor may be slowing down, and he sure aint takin on the best names in the world anymore, but still, no ones ever beat this guy before, i think thts the one thing keeping Fedor at number one. But your sure right about one thing, he hasnt proven himself to be truely worthy of that top spot til he takes on some UFC heavyweights.
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