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  1. for the same reason people complain about people complaining about TUF. Don't start nothin'.. won't be nothin'....
  2. Keith Jardine took the wallop of his career from Matt Hamil at the finale. I have always admired The Dean of Mean for his ability to recover and the finale was no exception. He had a 3 inch gash between his eyes and monster cut under his left eye. the dude kept banging. Hamil was gassed and dying slowly it seemed that he was hurt way beyond what we knew, but he put up the fight that earned the win that was owed to him. Good job Hamil. Go Bucks!! I took the time to edit my previous error. I am not sure what I was thinking.
  3. I used to be a huge Tito fan. I also was a huge Joe Montana fan. Both athletes were great in their day, but they hung on too long. Both athletes played a mean, full contact, sport. We are not talking about a bruised knee, or a sprained wrist. We are talking about a neck injury. If he has been fighting with this problem for awhile, he has literally risked his life if not total paralysyes. I, not a Tito supporter, applaud him for making the effort he has to keep fans in the seats and further wish to say that congradulations on stepping up to make the choice to undergo such a frightening operation. My father went through this same surgery and it was a difficult decision for him to make. however, he is in great health with no pain and a normal life. Although my father is not an MMA fighter, he was able to return to work after a few months. GOOD LUCK TITO.
  4. So I wonder if the DV thing is true? I am not from California, so i havent seen it in the news. what I heard from a friend was that Jenna called the cops on Tito for slapping her around. He has an upcoming court date, and the DV accusation is supposedly enough to terminate his contract with UFC. I am not saying this is true, but it would seem logical. Either way I hate Ortiz and dont care why he goes so long as he does
  5. now this is fking hilarious. and the most accurate
  6. Ya that was a dumb observation. Kimbo is laid back and just happy people talk to him. Last season if you saw Kimbo talk to a teammate he was very uplifting and friendly. Yeager is a ****** bag
  7. what was that blonde haired pricks name from a few seasons ago? junie browning, is that it? Yeager reminds me of him. Too stupid to s.t.f.u.
  8. Did you see the way his knee was moving when Tito pulled on his calf? That leg is trash. All the damage I have done to my body over the years gives me the experience to say; that man may not walk right for the next 9 months. if he fights, 1 wrong move could be the gorey end of the show as we know it
  9. Tito tripped over his ego and injured his balls. Also I think he has an unusually yellow spine.
  10. tito was a no show *****. Dana used to be his manager back in the beginning. Tito knows dana can kick some ****. If Dana couldnt, 4 guido's with bats and silenced pistols would do it for him
  11. Tito let his ego get out of control. this caused his head to swell way passed it's maximum P.S.I. rating. He was walking through a doorway and the door wanted to get it's revenge. The door swung wildly, and before Tito could tap on a strike, it popped his block shaped balloon head. The entire contents of his head spilled on the floor; beach sand, peroxide, Mr. Zogg's Sex wax, a few pebbles, and some nasty cottage cheese. The doctors were confused as to why there wasn't some of the necessities in his cranium. Particularly intelligent thought was missing from the list. CHUCK FTW
  12. that is all I saw. Chuck mad doggin' Dana. So what is with this triangle story?
  13. I did like the way he pulled everyone together and explained why they are training so hard. I would have done the same thing; call a meeting and put thoughts to rest. Chuck did show a little less restraint with the loss from last night, but it was a tough call. I still hold Mr. Liddel on a pedistule because he is great. He doesn't turn down fights and he is not a Diva. Tito was awesome in his day, but he has been a whiney ***** for years. I am pleased to see some of that change as he coaches this year.
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