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  1. Just wondering any of you kids here help your mommys? i mean most of you spend half of your day on the hom0 gateweay your parents bought for you how about you return the favor. get out of here and help your mommys kids.
  2. Sonnen dropped Silva. thats enough to know Vitor will stop Anderson first round. And new!!! ko record LOL
  3. yea i do that but it doesnt make up for...sais. lmao that is obvious you cant spell.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-awFBx2cV5I&feature=related /\ how classy and humble...again he continues to spit the face of his fans.
  5. I just want to know how did this help Anderson Silva? someone just answer because i dont get it...
  6. shogun overrated?......bwahahaha
  7. thta wont happen kid. say goodbye to all ur lovers in the forums. ull be out of here next month bwahahaha
  8. humour? go watch comedy central bro. i am about facts but you dont like it. Silva is a b class fighter in c class fighter division.
  9. is your friend going to bang ur wife?
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