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  1. Mod's ban this
  2. I was referring to people thinking your a man. And no, i sailed this ship months so ill pass on the festivities.
  3. I wouldn't go that far just yet. I saw shinsplint or whatever marked me down as a missing poster so I popped in and then I saw you post and decided to see how you been.
  4. Hanging in there for the most part. Just dealing with the day to day.
  5. Nicodimus has been checking out my pics on the random hunks thread and ******* off to them. I took the pics down, however I feel that he will start to P.M me when he can't contain his lust...Im not trolling with this but I definetly want my account banned...The last thing I need to worry about on an MMA forum is getting hit on by a guy because his father touched him as a kid! Thanks, Irish Carbomb
  6. He''s talking about Forrest being the most overrated and beating Shogun you ****ing tool!
  7. Yeah that's pretty weak.....I expect that from that retard Nicodimus but you're usually a little wittier UFCGOD...Whats wrong?.. is all the s*perm being pumped through your body ending up in your brain?
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