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  1. link? and there is still 7lb differnce i am pretty sure still. gsp still has to beat guys like condit and nick diaz. anderson still has to beat sonnen again. THEN we can talk about a superfight if there is no more high rated contenders. take care of your division first, superfight second.
  2. and anderson walks around at 210, which means gsp would be outweighed by 15lbs. nice...
  3. i agree with this fight completely.
  4. kz11

    Kongo vs mitrione

    i just think that roy needs to lose some weight or stop fighting. he obviously can compete in the shape he is in.
  5. kz11

    Kongo vs mitrione

    he's 5-0 in the ufc...
  6. kz11

    Kongo vs mitrione

    nelson coming off 2 awful losses. both of these guys have momentum and confidence, plus its a good matchup to see who could be next guy in the HW division
  7. kz11

    Kongo vs mitrione

    i think this would be a good fight between 2 evenly matched guys that are probably ranked very closely in the HW division. good test for mitrione and also for kongo to see if he can handle a big HW. both coming off big KO victories. maybe winner gets number 1 contender shot?
  8. did barry ever stop? NO
  9. i thought a ko meant that you had to be OUT. kongo was constantly moving and protecting himself. the only ko everybody but u saw was the one when pat barry did the stanky leg and his eyes were rolled back u piece of crap. GTFO.
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