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    So Michael Bisping.....

    you are an idiot... thats all I can say, and it is clear you have never trained seriously for a fight and never been in a ring...
  2. I actually agree... Cruz just has such evasive long style and Dod is just too short, plus the knockout power and ground game the brazillian winner has is amazing
  3. people on this site are retarded... One, he didn't kick anyone in the head while they were down... Two, he kicked just above his head and watch it again, he's trying to time miller standing up so kick above so he'll stand into it, I've done it before in a fight and it worked, Hit him legally right on the cheek and helped me finish the fight. You don't just let the guy stand up in the position. What Bisping did was completly legal and the ref did right by not stepping in. The post interview with Joe shows that both fighters put on a show to sell. Give me a break, great fight by Bisping and he earned the TKO
  4. 522120

    Belfort vs. sonnen

    I love how Sonnen catches Stann in an arm triangle and now people are acting like he's a submission specialist... I believe both fighters are overated and one trick ponies and wouldn't think much about this match...
  5. I swear you didn't get those herpes from me...
  6. 522120

    chael vs bisping

    I think Bisping would win by triangle choke... He is one of the most active off his back and he would win the standup. Chaels record with defending the triangle speaks for itself, I don't even have to argue about Bispings ground game, just how bad Chael is at BJJ
  7. Read it again if you really think I didn't explain myself...
  8. 522120

    UFC in 3D

    No... I gives me such a head ache and hurts my eyes...
  9. Making a 5 round non title fight is a bad idea and opens the flood gates for the future contender fights. Title fights are 5 rounds, thats the way it is, and non title "super" fights are all subjective on who you think belongs in that category. Sure I look forward to some fights but if it's a 3 round fight they leave everything in the third round, which makes it an entertaining finish. Right now it's black and white for what makes a 5 round and 3 round so why would the UFC create a grey area?
  10. Bringing it back from it's long slumber I'm sure the photoshoppers can have fun with the last one
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