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  1. Thought this article would be interesting.It talks about how important the Jab is for fighters like GSP, Dillashaw and Joanna and it's relevance to mma. https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2017/11/2/16597280/ufc-217-georges-st-pierre-gsp-three-jabs-dillashaw-jedrzejczyk
  2. This is the first time I ever cheered for gsp. I blame spitz..
  3. Jon Jones vs Lesnar now belongs in the wwe category.
  4. Lol www.google.com/amp/mmajunkie.com/2017/07/jon-jones-bothered-daniel-cormier-steroid-accusations-ufc-214/amp
  5. I showed a friend her fight with Nunes and my friend started laughing. She asked me why does the other fighter not even stand a chance if she was so Dominant before, like she doesn't even belong in the same ring with Nunes...? I explained to her that the female division is somewhat new, and that allows a fighter that is dominant in one area of MMA to have a large advantage over others. However, as times progesses, more fighters become more rounded and so the advantage starts to fade away. If the fighter doesn't get a big head, she or he could remain champ for awhile. But, if she/he starts to believe they are Super Man or Wonder Woman, and get a BS coach, they will end up like Mouthy.. I mean Rousey...
  6. She was a one trick pony, even Kimbo had more fight creds..
  7. I think Henderson struck him to hard again.. spitz needs to fight people his own age..talk about people trying to take advantage, Spitz is a cheater and nut hitter..
  8. Respect to Wonderboy and Woodley. This should be good!
  9. Chael would wrestle him down to the ground and end his life.
  10. No one stopping Woodley... Well, Maia does have a better chance than most...but it ain't happening.
  11. You all need to grow up.. Everyone dopes get use to it!
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