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  1. Axel39

    Barboza vs Pettis

    Their styles match up perfectly, i suppose Pettis shouldn't be in the title line just yet right? and since bendo is set up for his rematch. Pettis must stay busy
  2. Does Alex the mauler deserve to be in the octagon with either of these guys ? If so, which fight makes more sense, i say give him lyoto.
  3. Axel39

    Barboza vs Pettis

    Anyone else thinks this match makes sense provided barboza beats Dunham ? Two great standups, make it a no1 contender spot?
  4. That's what im saying, who knows though, the odd makers are rarely wrong. But i feel confident in this onee i think Diaz has got thiss
  5. Anyone else see him near bursting out to tears, i mean usually its just anger or the look of a killer. He fought with too much emotion. On another day, and with a better game plan to take it to the ground, he could be Diaz.
  6. Hes an underdog, i can't really understand it ! The oddsmakers put him on the same level as BJ, and after dominating him, he's still being counted out, against Condit, No disrepspect to condit, but he hasn't beaten the highest highest caliber fighters, this will be his first major step up. Having Ellenberger under his belt isn't enough. Diaz via submission round 2!
  7. Whaddya think? best card names wise?
  8. Just cos they're good in those areas, i don't think theyd be that great at being on the sideline... for muay thai, i would say thiago alves, Cormier instead of Angle
  9. Chael would be good, mayhem im not so sure....
  10. From a team of 4 corner men, which 4 people would be the best cornemen to have in the entire sport. Including Fighters themselves i would say : Randy Couture Matt Hughes Gilbert Melendez Mike Van Arsdale How about you guys ?
  11. Yeah, he's insanely dull LOL!
  12. Penns corner really pissed me off at UFC 118. Had no strategy. But most annoying cornerman is that guy in Kenny Florians corner. Oh my god, hes louder than an orgasmic JOE ROGAN ! Thoughts?
  13. Yeah both love to talk ****, so why not, makes for good television. And theyre both good fighters. Perfect match up.
  14. What do you guys think of the idea of having Mayhem and Bisping coach the ultimate fighter if Sonnen's case still isn't cleared. Just a thought
  15. I feel that Jim and Ben match up well theyre both great MMA fighters all round, Melvin vs either of the two would be fun but I dont think he posesses enough skills to hang with them. I was even thinking G sot vs miller would be a great fight they both seem very similar to me.
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