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  1. you confirming a post like that, but not using proper grammar only shows that you are dumber than the people you're bashing.
  2. Myself I prefer small/medium natural breasts, but am I going to say she is a 2/10 because she has very large breast? f no. i would hit that like the fist of an angry god.
  3. I want to see the link of anderson silva walking around at 215-220 while he is IN SHAPE and TRAINING for a fight. I don't want a link that he is 215-220 when he is not training and not dieting.
  4. you're just an ignorant troll that no one will take seriously, so save yourself the time and effort and stop posting please. GSP treats his body like a temple and there is nothing wrong with that, but you can't blame fighters who like to indulge in their favorite foods while they aren't fighting.
  5. After reading your post I think you might be slow. How can you say silva is not the best after he humiliated the "best wrestler" in the MW division twice. After what he did to sonnen he solidified his place as the greatest fighter ever.
  6. are they just going to let him lay there? i mean he literally did nothing but lay with his arms out for 30 seconds.
  7. destroying people in dota 2. i could care less for the whole card except anderson
  8. because chael sonnen fans will have to be placed on suicide watch after he gets humiliated by anderson tomorrow. all these young lives need to be preserved and not wasted over a con, cheat, wife beater, liar, and someone with several and severe psychological disorders.
  9. So we all know the inevitable KO of chael sonnen is going to happen tomorrow night so lets get the excuses started I think those will be the top excuses. feel free to add
  10. 9/10 somebody better alert fael fans parents so they can be placed on suicide watch after anderson humiliates him tomorrow night.
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