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  1. A BRUTAL 1st rd KO doesn't deserve a rematch, Silva will tool GSP.
  2. Ubereem will connect before getting on his back. Brock is a joke, even if he takes Ubereem down, he won't be able to keep him down.
  3. In witch dream of yours did you see that? In the primetime episodes before fighting Cain it was shown that Brock was normally sized until College and "suddenly" became 3 or 4 times bigger that he was before in less than 2 months. Is that "Over Night"?
  4. The only way GSP can win is by decision. DAMN RITE!!!
  5. Just like he did Cain(who's A LOT smaller than UBEREEM), amirite?
  6. Cuz you're one of those retards who think that Brock would beat Ubereem.
  7. GSP's gonna lose his belt, nuff said.
  8. The judges got paid. He was scared of "fighting". This.
  9. That's what make someone a UFC champ! He was already asleep.
  10. I hope LnP happens in every UFC fight, it will make SF a lot more popular.
  11. That's not a dream, it's a premonition.
  12. Hell no, I want to see Krotch vs BJ. GSP is a *****, he'll never fight at MW.
  13. Overeem wants to fight more than 3 times a year so he'll never sign with the UFC.
  14. Tenryuken

    Dumb UFC fan

    ^where's my post, damit,?!
  15. And Dana wants to bring Nick Diaz back to the UFC.
  16. Aside the fact that he performed awfully? Well Kyacey is back and I hope he'll get to fight Yager, you'll see what Kyacey is worth.
  17. ^is that your channel? http://www.youtube.com/user/Noyjeetut
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