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  1. This is where Brock runs in with a chair and ruins them both, takes the belt, chugs a Coors Light and mounts the ref. Good stuff.
  2. Blanketfest 2015 going on now.
  3. He'll keep it up, until one of these fighters wraps that nose around the back of his neck, like Jim Everett tried to do to Jim Rome.
  4. I actually agree with this. After watching the commissions judging for the last decade, I never thought I would see where the judges scored it that way. I actually felt like Hendricks was going to win the fight based on how the judges have always scored the fights. I'm pretty happy that they scored the fight that way tonight and hope that trend continues. Down with leghumpers.
  5. Krendo

    Great day for MMA.

    I agree as well. I also think testing positive for any banned substance especially marijuana should be an instant permanent ban from the UFC I know some liberal won't be able to help themselves and will soon be up in this thread whining that marijuana "doesn't enhance performance" but that isn't factually accurate or the entire story. All bull **** aside, marijuana is an addictive drug that leads to even more deadly drug use. We need to lock away all the dopers as an example to our precious American youth. Teach them to just say no to drugs because begging big bubba not to sodomize them when they finally end up in prison isn't going to do them a damn bit of good. Thank you, Nancy Grace.
  6. Rampage has too much titfat to fight in the ufc. If that fight had gone to round 2 last night he'd have gassed, M'pumbo got unlucky and slipped. True story.
  7. Krendo

    Superfight Tonight!

    They do look quite good. Would bang. Elbows too pointy. Would not bang. War Page.
  8. I support him because he is my my hometown boy and he went to the same gym that I used to train at years ago. I once met a man that met Andy Griffith. I know exactly how you feel, kinda.
  9. Dave and Busters is great, it's like Chuckee Cheese for alcoholics.
  10. GSP has already started stuffing himself with vaseline. Even if they wipe his body off it will keep coming out of his pores. It's how he hydrates after weight cut now, just drinks it straight.
  11. Not 1 minute after the decision, GSP was ducking a rematch. In all honesty, I can't disagree that this was his first exciting fight in a decade or so.
  12. This robbery deserves more than the 3 threads already made I support this.
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